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Why a Newsletter?

Why a Newsletter?
What does an artist need one for anyways?

As a creative individual, you are a being that is looked up to.  

Artists have great imaginations and their creations are extraordinary.  The only thing that others get to see, hear, read or experience is the completion of a work of art.  So much goes on behind the scenes of a creation that no one, but the artist, knows.  So when you open the doors for others to view behind the scenes, you have an interested public wanting more information and willing to buy.

What was the inspiration?  Why do you create?  What’s the drive or purpose? How did you create that technique?  How long did it take for you to perfect it?  Who was it that gave you help or a nudge in the right direction?  What anecdotes can you tell?  Who is really behind that incredible work or art?  Do you keep learning?  Do you take lessons, watch videos, read books, practice, etc?  These and many more questions are points your public is very interested in.

Artists are looked up to by those that aren’t.  If you’re creating a mailing list of the people most interested in your works of art, those people are not only interested in your creations but also in YOU because YOU ARE SPECIAL.

As an Artist Entrepreneur, you are different from an ordinary business when writing a newsletter.  An ordinary business is going to slant each newsletter toward their products and services.  As a creative person, your public is interested in YOU, what occurred behind the scenes to create the latest piece of work, how long did you practice or work on it, etc.  This information is what others want to know.

When you write a newsletter with what it took to get your results, people are more interested in buying from you.

What to include in your newsletter

Here’s some ideas on what to include in your newsletter:

  • Images of you at work – this can include silly, surprised, thoughtful or other images
  • Comments or feedback
  • A paragraph or two about the techniques you used or what inspired you
  • An anecdote
  • Images, videos, writings, etc of your current works of art
  • Information about how to contact you to see more of your works of art or to ask questions – this should include your website, Facebook Fan page, email and/or phone number
  • A Call to Action to Buy Now – this would include a link to a page where someone can order

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