The Forever Article on Help 2 Succeed

The “Forever Article”

As the name implies, The Forever Article stays online on Help 2 Succeed nearly forever.

So far Help 2 Succeed has been online for 20 years.  It’s still going strong with more helpful articles and interviews being added regularly.

As it is a very strong purpose of mine to continuously help creative and talented folks to live their art, the site will be online for a very long time to come.

I would like to invite you to add your tips, successful actions or helpful research to Help 2 Succeed.  When writing your article, be sure to add your information and links (website and social media).  In exchange for your knowledge, I will market your article for you.

This is an opportunity for you to participate and help creative and talented folks.  And, you get to promote your art, services and products.  Your Forever Article stays on the site promoting you and your art, forever.

A friend of mine: Leigh-Ann Edrich, is extremely good at marketing art-related products and at helping artists further develop their reach into society. I thought that you might be interested in her Forever Article.” M.G.

The “Forever Article”

Your article contains help for other creative people,  your bio, images and links, for a one-time fee of $50. It stays on the Help 2 Succeed website forever, to be seen by visitors to the site.

Your article will be written by you, thus ensuring that you have control over what is said plus how you and your artworks are positioned. It needs to be art-related and it will feature links to your website, etc.  Some ideas for your article can be subjects like: Tips for artistic success, making sales, marketing, an artist in business, being an entrepreneur, how-to, social media, growing a community following, etc.

Your article needs to be 1000-1500 words, written in layman’s terms, and not published elsewhere.

Articles can be submitted as often as once a month.

Please contact me regarding the subject that you would like to write about so that we can ensure that we are not offering multiple articles on the same subject in one month. This will ensure that your article receives more attention from our readers.