the purpose of the image is to inspire artists to achieve success

Help 2 Succeed has been online since 1998 – nearly at the beginning of the internet.  A lot has changed from then till now!  For example, Google was established September 1998 and was just getting out of the idea phase. Facebook wan’t even an idea yet. Popular chat rooms such as ICQ and Yahoo became obsolete and newfangled social media sites sprang up such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  And! Get this! Websites were promoted as a service with the hosting company – it didn’t cost anything extra!

Long story short, what worked on the internet 20 years ago may not work now.  But the good news is, the following software, PDFs, information and websites do work because each one was checked out by us.

If a resource doesn’t work, it doesn’t get onto this website.

In this section you’ll find:

  • Free Artist Information and Downloads – the criteria for getting on this page is: the info and tools work & are long-term established and trustable.
  • Call for Entries – every few hours this page is automatically updated with the latest contests.  At this time the contests are for visual artists and writers/poets.
  • Artist Resources – a variety of useful links and help for you to succeed.

If you have any requests of what you’d like to see in the Help4U section, please contact us.