The internet is a miracle Help 4 Artists 2 Succeedwith it’s tons of services, programs and solutions aimed at helping creative and talented folks to succeed.  You can get instructions, lessons, tips, successful actions and so much more!

However, you can try the many websites and solutions, join specific social media groups, spend hours on Facebook, create videos and still not achieve your goal of quitting your 9-5, being successful and becoming a family name.

What has been left out is the Mentor.

A Mentor is a friend and a guide that provides a nurturing relationship with a protégé in order to promote his or her success in the wider world.  This type of help dates back 3000 years or so with the original mentor, Athena in the Greek classic The Odyssey.

How Does Mentoring Work Today?

You can get lost with all the solutions, websites, services – you name it.

A mentor can help you with answering the following questions:

What’s the correct route for YOU?  Where do YOU need to be in order to get the recognition YOU are going for?  What information do you need?  How do you run a business? How do you successfully promote yourself and your works?  …just to name a few of the areas…

Help 2 Succeed

Hi! I’m ILIA aka Leigh-Ann Edrich (pronounced Leanne ED-Rich), a multi-talented artist plus have skills as a webmaster, in social media, information marketing and also creating opportunities for artists. I’ve been online helping creative and talented folks for 20 years.  

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