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Have you ever wanted to phase out of your 9 to 5 job and succeed as an artist?

What does true success include?  Keeping in your integrity as a creative person is top of the list.

Next is deciding what you want to achieve with your art.

Without doing both you may endlessly try solutions to make a living with your art but not get the success you’re striving for.

Artists want to create! Not run a business.

One of the unfortunate facts of wanting to get your works sold in abundance includes one point: you are being an artist in business.

The sites online only help with one area of business such as a website or store or music distribution service and so on.

You do not get every action to succeed with one service.

What if you could use one service that will deliver a majority of the activities needed to succeed?

What if you had your own place, your own store, a directory listing, social media, blogging, etc.?

What if you received marketing just by belonging to a group?

What if you received innovative opportunities with invitations to participate for free?  (Instead of being charged $25 and up to several hundred for the chance to be considered.)

What if your creations were made known to influencers without you having to do anything?

What if you had the tools to succeed?

Artists are so very special.  YOU deserve to flourish!

Indie Artists Club was created with YOU in mind.

Hi There!  I’m a multi-talented artist and have been online for over 20 years finding the best ways to help my fellow creative friends.  Here’s where you can find out About Help 2 Succeed.

You can find out what others have to say about my help by going to the Testimonials page.

Early on I would tell creative folks “here try this…” but soon was questioned if I tried it myself, so this is what I’ve done:

>> Every suggestion and instruction that I put on this site has been tested by myself for workability. It doesn’t go on this site if it doesn’t work.  I constantly review the information and nuke what doesn’t work or exist anymore.
>> I learned how to set up and run a business.
>> I learned how an artist can easily market their works without high costs or being time consuming.
>> I learned how to build websites.
>> I’ve also mentored artists worldwide, in many fields of the arts and performing arts, and have only received positive reviews for 20 years.  (My new book “The Art of Mentoring” will be published soon!)

I’m the dreamer of Indie Artists Club.  For 4 years now I’ve piloted the site to ensure it would do as I imagined.  It does!

Currently it is being updated and expanded to include the services as I envisioned.

I’m cordially inviting you to succeed as an artist.

Please note: success is not instant.

I sincerely wish that I could push a button and PRESTO! Artists are all successful.  Alas, I haven’t figured that one out yet!

It does take your help to get you known.  I made it as simple as possible: join the group, add your information and participate.

Initial set-up is the most time consuming.  This entails setting up your profile, directory listing and shop.  (oh ya – by the way, you get to keep 100% of your sales.)

Then, you just participate about 10-15 minutes daily talking about your current projects.

My team will work to market, get the help of influencers, create magazines to get the word out, create innovative events and much more.

Indie Artist Club is a subscription site.  The cost is $10 month.  The more creative and talented folks that participate, the better the success rate.
Hint: Join and also invite your creative and talented friends to do the same.


There’s only a few rules: 1. Be considerate of others; 2. Enliven others with your creations; 3. Know your Human Rights and respect the Human Rights of others, too.

$10 per month