Art World Statistics

The average amount of students that go to college to become Masters of Fine Art is around 30,000 per year for the last two decades.  If the colleges graduated that amount of students every year that then went into our culture and created magnificent works of art, we would have 600,000 artists creating beauty to live in.

That’s not the scene though.  Most artists are criticized, invalidated and are told that there aren’t enough art-related jobs.  In other words, it’s a hopeless pursuit to go into the field of The Arts.

Most creative & talented folks can be found working at both white collar and blue collar jobs instead of pursuing an art career. The dreams of being an artist totally forgotten in the pursuit of making a living.

There’s only a very small percentage of creative & talented folks that are living the dream of successfully being a full time artist. There’s a large percent of artists that are part-time artists or hobby artists.

Some artists, although working the 9 to 5 job are still keeping their dream alive by working on their art in the evening hours and on the weekends.  Some are waiting until retirement but then find the cost of living is so high that they can’t retire, thus never do their art.

There’s just got to be a better way because…

The thing is, it is the artist that dreams the new realities.  Artists are the ones out front that can see what the world should and could look like.  Artists are the ones that dream up the solutions for the culture.  As proof of this, take look at De Vinci’s inventions – we still use some to this day and, there’s still some that we haven’t built yet.

How many artists have you read about that were in the forefront of a movement? Or imagined inventions that became reality? How many artists are presently working ordinary jobs but if given the chance would be able to create solutions and inventions that could help the present culture through the problems it’s facing?

Maybe YOU?

Help 2 Succeed is here for YOU to enable you to dream the dreams and make a living while doing so. YOU really can succeed.