Help 2 Succeed is a NO CRITICISM Allowed Website

Help 2 Succeed has a firm policy: No Criticism Allowed
No Criticism Allowed

You may have experienced invalidation’s, evaluation, criticism and skepticism from teachers, peers or others regarding your art and your creative ideas.

You may have also been instructed to curb your creative instincts by being given instructions on what to do or what not to do.

If others are curbing your creative instincts, telling you what to do, how to do it and so on, how will you ever reach your goals? Imagine if each person that was creative or talented was told how and what to create?

How would new and original ideas come about? Who would be the creative geniuses that make the new inventions or create the solutions that are needed by the culture in order to progress forward?

It is our firm belief here at Help 2 Succeed that an artist, in whatever field, can create unlimited. That there’s an infinity of possibilities.

Perhaps a bit unconventional, but valid all the same, we believe that the Arts are not separate – that the opportunity to be with other artists creating is extremely exciting because one inspires the other and a huge create begins that snowballs into bigger and bigger creations.

Even more unconventional is the fact that many artists are multi-talented. Imagine what could come about if a creative person worked along the lines where all talents could be utilized?!  What great things could possibly occur because of employing all talents one possesses?

In the days of old, in the castles the musicians would play while people danced.  In the corner over to the side were the ladies in waiting sewing and embroidering while the painter captures the scene on canvas.  The bard took it all in so that he could entertain people at a later time with a finely crafted story…

A musician plays his ballad while a painter paints it and the poet gets inspired to write about it while the dancer undulates…

And so a create continues. The possibilities are endless…