You can benefit from the many years I spent learning different techie and marketing trades in order to be able to help artists in every aspect from establishing a business to marketing and growing a business.

I threw out what didn’t work and streamlined what did.  I also threw out any unethical method of marketing or getting the word out.

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Creative and Talented folks need specific help fitted exactly to their particular art form and technical abilities.  The range that Help 2 Succeed can offer marketing programs is from beginner to professional and also from do-it-for-you to coach you through it or just give you the instructions and let you do it.

Mailing Lists – Newsletters – Facebook Pages

Help 2 Succeed can help you to establish mailing lists, newsletters and Facebook pages plus instruct you on how to use them and why.  Follow along with the series:

Pilot projects are in the works for managing Singers/Musicians/Bands and Performing Artists.  The artists that use Indie Artists Club are at the top of the list for help.  Contact Me for More Information

Virtual and real life events. The artists that use Indie Artists Club are at the top of the list for help. Contact Me for More Information

Indie Artists Club proven method to continuously get the word out about you, your artistic creations and your projects. 
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Green Energy Website Hosting

The FOREVER Article – an innovative method to utilize Help 2 Succeed to get the word out about your artistic creations.
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