You can benefit from the many years I spent learning different techie and marketing trades in order to be able to help artists in every aspect from establishing a business to marketing and growing a business.

I threw out what didn’t work and streamlined what did.  I also threw out any unethical method of marketing or getting the word out.

If you are a creative person or a business owner, I can help you with the following:

Facebook Marketing – Facebook can help you to get the word out.  H2S has a very clever take on getting this done in a short period of time, for free!

Indie Artists Club proven method to continuously get the word out about you, your artistic creations and your projects.  Find out more about the Indie Artists Club exciting opportunity.

The FOREVER Article – an innovative method to utilize Help 2 Succeed to get the word out about your artistic creations. Find out More about the FOREVER Article.

Marketing – H2S can either do the actions for you or instruct you on how to do it yourself.

Business Coaching – establishing a business from scratch or making an established business flourish.  Includes expanding to the point that you can turn over duties to others, leaving yourself with more time to create.

Media Kit, Press Packs and Public Relations Packs – a professional introduction of you and your works.

Website hosting and website building – solar powered web hosting that doesn’t go down and websites that express exactly what you want.

Press Release and distribution – write a press release and get it out as far and wide as you wish.

Content Marketing – the internet was created to provide information.  Content marketing is providing fresh, new and relevant data in a manner that obtains traffic and sales.

Logos – by a Master Logo Designer!

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