“I filled out the Artist Questionnaire and received my free consultation!  I’m so glad I did that!  I want to thank Leigh-Ann very much for her insightful consultation.  It definitely caused me to look at some things.  I realized that my major public is, and always has been, those who love, admire, appreciate, and/or have horses.  One of my original purposes in learning Oriental Brush Painting was to learn to paint horses. In the spontaneous style of brush painting which is what I do, one seeks to capture the essence. That is what I want to accomplish.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be able to merge my poetry with art of my own creation. I realized that is still what I want to do.  To that end, I’ve connected-up with a brush painting artist who specializes in painting horses, and she is going to teach me!!  Since I embarked upon this learn-to-paint journey, I have established the technical skill necessary to focus on horses. They are not by any means the easiest of subjects, and I gladly accept the challenge.  So, the failed purpose has been rehabilitated!! Again, thank you for your help…” BD

“I have been in contact with Leigh Ann, for a little over one year. I found her through an art link and we started out our friendship by e-mail and then on the chat line and later by phone. She has been most helpful in teaching me to build a web site to display my art work and to put me into contact with other places to get exposure for my work. There has never been a time when she has been too busy to help. The really special thing about this is that Leigh Ann did this for the simple reason of helping her fellow person get a foothold in art exposure. I had no idea where to start but through Leigh Ann I have really had my eyes opened to another world of the arts. She is a very special person to give of her time and her expertise … just because she wanted to help. She is so talented in so many ways!”  C.B.


“I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me to set up a web site and to get my art business started. I have painted for years and years but had no idea how to market my work. You were so kind to guide me effortlessly through building a beautiful web site and now I am on my way. It was a true blessing that we met through the internet. Again, thank you, thank you.” K. C.

“I love your website. Thank you for doing what you are doing.” K.D.

“Thank you so much for all your loads of information and for taking the time with me. You are a rare breed which is hard to find these days and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help.” L.M.

“I would like to thank Leigh Ann – owner of Help 2 Succeed for her support, assistance and with the positive encouragement. She is totally an asset in my success.  l will always be grateful to her. Thank you once again Leigh Ann for the excellent job on my website.  You made me believe in myself and allowed me to believe in my success.  You’re the best! Thanks again! You are my mentor!” R. V. A.

“This is the first time I have been excited about having something working for me. I have been approached so many times with phony or should we say ‘money making deals with less than integrity’. I can’t function that way….. I’m so excited that this is all I think, dream and pray about…I’m sure, that I’m sure, that I’m sure that this will be a successful venture for me and I don’t mind passing it around….Thank you so much….” S.L.

“thank you thank you thank you” J.M.

“Thank you so much for this! The info on your website is fantastic. I’m a songwriter and musician. Now I’ve got some ideas of things I can do and I know that there’s support out there. This is a wonderful service you are providing. Thank you so much.” A.R.G.

“You are awesome. Thank you for sharing these opportunities!” S.R.

“Thanks for this information. It sounds good.” M

“I really want to thank you so much for this website- Help to Succeed! I just downloaded the painting tools and created my FIRST EVER PAINTING ON THE COMPUTER!!! Really my first painting in YEARS! This is so fantastic! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!” N.A.

“Thank you so very much for the tips, I will use them.” B.J.

“A big heart thanks to you.” J.L.

“Your effort and expertise should be passed on to all artists and I will certainly let my fellow artists know about you. Thanx again.” J.S.

“Thank you for your dedication and support.“ T.T.

“Thanks a lot for doing this!!!!!!!“ E.G.

“Hello there, ”I saw your posting on CraigsList and am so intrigued by what you have to say – Your website is AWESOME!! I’m glad I found it! “Thank you very much – Much success to you!” R.M.

“You are a wonderful help!!!” G.U.

“You are awesome. Thank you for sharing these opportunities!” S.R.

“Thank you for the music industry leads.”  S.L.

“thanks for this information, it sounds good.” M

Dear Friend,
“Indeed it is again so nice to hear from you again which is a reaffirmation of our friendship and all the things that we share as artists and as art lovers.  At a time when I was at the lowest morale before going to Paris and when I was not even sure if I will get a VISA or not, your encouragement has only been a good omen for me and I cannot thank you enough for it.”

Thanks for passing on the Art in Windows information.
Take care,

“Leigh Ann, I’m enjoying the way you are responding to those who are critical of your method of assisting other artists. You manage to keep a level head and be courteous even when the others are putting you down.”  A.C.B.

Subject: Thank you for you the site!
To: help 2 succeed
“A friend of mine pointed me to your site, and I found it a wonderful research. Thank you *very* much for the information provided here.”
Best Regards,

“By the way, thank you! I put my photography on a website and applied to another based on your encouragement from your site. Haven’t sold anything but it’s out there for the first time in 20 years. Yes, please keep encouraging people to do that, even my daughter was impressed and we’re adding her work to my site (she’s 26) and her drawings and photos are beautiful. Thank you so much, your site is wonderful and you are doing great things in encouraging artists. You are doing something I wish had been done years ago, it really helps knowing someone is giving you guidance and direction to get your work out there. Your site helped a great deal in getting me to start showing it to people other than my friends.” A.G. Photographer and Artist

“A few months ago you passed on information about showing art in the upcoming independent film, Love Surreal. I wanted to let you know that I applied and 3 of my paintings were chosen to be in the movie. Filming just ended and I got my paintings back. I want to thank you for this opportunity – I never would have found this without you. I am interested in any other opportunities and am always excited to receive your mailing list emails.” Thank You! L.A.