Help 2 Succeed History

sign of sucess in The Arts at Help 2 SucceedHelp 2 Succeed started online in 1998 as a place where I posted information that was useful in navigating through the maze of making a living in The Arts. It was similar to the present day blogs, but blogs didn’t exist at that time so the home page was something that was consistently changing.

The home page of the site – then titled “Triton Productions” was difficult to follow as it had little squares and big rectangles with information. Then there were the links! I had added so much to the site that it was difficult to navigate or to find what you were really looking for.

Also, when the site first started, the information supplied was only for visual artists, but soon writers, singers, actors, musicians, crafters and more wrote to ask for help, too.

Help 2 Succeed expanded in 2002 to include solutions in each field of The Arts. A survey was begun that continues till this day to find out what was really needed and wanted by creative & talented folks. The information collected was turned into services that are workable and don’t take long to do. Truly, creative folks don’t have to become technical experts on the computer. You need to learn a little in order to accomplish some basic tasks and use your remaining time to create.

The original Help 2 Succeed site is now chock full of information and successful actions that are aimed at enabling YOU to become a family name and to meet your goals in The Arts. It is the foundation for a successful art career as it supplies knowledge, tips, secrets, tools, downloads and more, all aimed at giving you what is needed and wanted in order to succeed.

The more that you get your name out there, the better your chances of being found and making sales.