Start Your Art Business

Here’s what you need to start your art business these days:

* this information applies to a business, too.

>> Hosting

What is hosting?

If you relate online to real life, “Hosting” is the ground that a building sits on. Online that translates to the space that is provided for a website to be built upon.

Green Energy Hosting

Help 2 Succeed has a solar powered hosting company.  For over a decade, it’s never had problems or gone down. You get two levels of service: 1. Help 2 Succeed personal service and 2. the hosting company.



>> Website

How does a website relate to real life?

If you take a look at an office building, it’s sitting on the ground. In the virtual world, the “office building” is the website and the “ground” is the hosting space.


To make your website work for YOU as a creative person, it needs certain functions to be built right into it, such as:

  • A Great Domain Name
    What is a Domain Name?

    In real life you can compare a domain name to a business address. You have the ground (hosting), building (website) and address (domain name).

    Why A Great Domain Name?

    To make it memorable and easy to find you.

  • Keyword Research
    Why bother with keywords?

    The technology regarding search engine optimization (SEO) is tremendous. You really don’t need all of that as an artist entrepreneur. But having your very own keywords to use for your site is a good thing. The top reason is that the search engines will see what the site is all about and make it easier or harder to find depending on your use of keywords.

  • A Logo
    Why a logo?

    A logo is an instant method to identify a business as a marketing tactic, in your case, an artist in business. If you use a logo across the different platforms, you will be much easier to recognize.

  • Your very own print-on-demand
    Why my own print-on-demand?

    You can use any of the huge amount of companies online to supply print-on-demand products but you will have hundreds and sometimes thousands of other creatives competing with you for sales. Also, through the different companies, you never know who purchased from you. With your own print-on-demand, you know the purchaser and can send regular newsletters and promotions to your client. If a client buys directly from you, he could buy again and again.

  • Your very own commerce functions
    Why would I need commerce functions?

    You need a method for customers to easily check out and that’s best done with a shopping cart system. Also, if you have it set up with a shopping cart and an easy method to check out, you may increase your sales.

  • Google My Business set-up professionally
    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business is a free tool that helps small businesses create and manage their Google listings, which appear when customers find businesses on Google Search and Maps. It helps business attract new customers and share information about what makes them special. **Information is directly from Google**

    Why Google My Business?

    There are a lot of details to maximizing your visibility.  Get it done right the first time to create demand for your art. 

  • Social Media set-up and integration
    Social Media Explanation

    Social media is like a party, you meet new friends and chat with old friends. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are not a place to sell.  At a party if you hit it off with a new person, you might invite the person to your house. If the person gets very interested in what you do, you take him to your office to show him. Online that would be a person liking what you post on social media, going to your blog and then liking that, finding out more about you and your art business on the website.  This is not something you set up once and forget about it, it’s a continuing action to reach new people.



>> Establishment

Establishment of a website includes beneficial methods to get your website found, recognized and attracting customers. 

Why not skip the establishment step?

The establishment step makes your art business appear as a solid, trustable business.


  • Backlinks 
    What is a Backlink?

    Once it is set up, it’s like a permanent “billboard” on the web pointing to your website nearly forever with no more cost or attention from you.

    What Types of Backlinks are Beneficial?

    Backlinks can be set-up in many places.  The ones that are most beneficial come from Google My Business, or on related sites and directories.

  • GeoTag Images
    What is a GeoTag Image?

    It’s a picture that is enhanced to give search engines vital data to promote your business. 



>> Content Marketing

  • Articles
    Why are Articles Important?

    People go to the web looking for information.  If you supply it, they go to you. Also, search engines love to promote relevant data.

  • Newsletter
    Why Newsletters?

    Newsletters create and sustain interest so your customers stay with you.

  • Press Release
    Press Releases!

    A Press Release is a technology of getting you well known by making your story known to local or national newspapers. 

  • Press Release Distribution
    Why Press Release Distribution?

    Where would your Press Release be best sent?  What newspaper(s) would it be best published in?

  • Influencer Marketing
    What is Influencer Marketing?

    An influencer is a person in your field that has a huge following that listens to that person. A great example of an influencer is Grant Cardone – people around the world listen to his advice, read his books, take his courses, etc. When he says someone else is good, people listen and buy from that person.  Influencer Marketing is setting up an arrangement for an influencer to promote your work.

  • Social Media Manager 
    Why bother getting a Social Media Manager?

    A Social Media Manager knows how to sell without seeming as if trying to make a sale.  It keeps you relevant on all the social media sites.



>> Indie Artists Club

What is Indie Artists Club?

Indie Artists Club is an artists club. Artists talk about their projects, inspiration, feedback, etc. The site is set up to market all participants.



>> How to Start Right Now
Just like your artistic creations, the actions to start your art business or make it flourish more are completely individual.  Please contact me now to discuss what you actually need and want.  I can then create a special package for you.

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“I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me to set up a web site and to get my art business started. I have painted for years and years but had no idea how to market my work. You were so kind to guide me effortlessly through building a beautiful web site and now I am on my way. It was a true blessing that we met through the internet. Again, thank you, thank you.” K. C.

“Thank you so much for all your loads of information and for taking the time with me. You are a rare breed which is hard to find these days and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help.” L.M.

“Your effort and expertise should be passed on to all artists and I will certainly let my fellow artists know about you. Thanx again.” J.S.