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So, You Just Spent Hours, Days or Months Creating Your Masterpiece…

Masterpiece - Who Owns the Copyright?Imagine this…

You conceive an idea.  Then you work it out in two dimensions.  You buy the supplies.  You set up a space.  Then you start putting it together.  You work on your project every bit of time that you can.   Obsessed with the purpose of bringing your creation into being, you never notice how long it really takes you!

Find out about your artist rightsThen the long awaited day arrives and you finish adding the final touches to your masterpiece.  Enormous pride shines through as you inspect your work.  It’s really done!!  The piece is worth well over $100,000 because of the details and professionalism from your years of experience.

While you’re taking a rare break and scanning through your Facebook Newsfeed, you see an ad that you believe was created just for you!  It’s an Art Exhibit and Contest!  The advertisement says you can win $100,000!  Of course, you click on the link and get whisked away to the website to find out more.

First you find out that the $100,000 will be shared by several winners.  But, your masterpiece qualifies in every way and, it’s only $25 to get into the contest…

However, buried deeply in the rules and regulations, you find this: “The winners of the Grand Prize, Second Place, and Awards agree to transfer all ownership of the accepted artwork to the [Company], with joint-ownership of reproduction rights.”


Oh My Gosh!

Let’s add that up:
> you aren’t going to get paid what it’s worth
> if you win any prize, you no longer own your masterpiece
> any later sales of your art, you no longer receive a commission on
> the company is going to reproduce your art, you will receive a percentage
> The company can do whatever they wish with your original art

By getting into that “wonderful” opportunity, you will lose your masterpiece and the rights to it.


The conception and creation of a work of art is an amazing ability.  Don’t ever give away your RIGHTS to it.  To find out more about your artist rights and copyrights, you can go to Copyright Alliance.



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