An Artist in Business, How-To

What Does Business Have To Do With Your Art Career?

Creating is the best thing that you do, however, if you do not understand business you may not make it in the field of The Arts. Instead you will be working a job in some other field with the dream unfulfilled of making it in the field that you are the best in.

article about artists in business at Help 2 SucceedAs an additional bit of inspiration, it’s the artists that dream how to culture is going to go. Take a look at Leonardo da Vinci. Not only was he an incredible Fine Artist but he was also an inventor. His inventions are still used today – several centuries later.

Ideas and creations travel the fastest.  Your ideas about uplifting the culture are valuable.

In order to not only create, you need to also be an entrepreneur.  An Artist in Business.  A little understanding of basic business can push you forward a long way from the start of a few sales for your creations in any field of The Arts to being able to fully support yourself and taking that further to the point of being affluent and well-known as an artist.

There’s different business activities that you need to do as an artist in order to create your dream of being successful.

1.  Of course, the first thing on the list is to create a product.  Say for instance you created a design – the design can be used to make t-shirts, sweatshirts, journals, etc. that can be offered for sale. This goes for any area of The Arts: books, CDs and much more can be created.
2. You want to make sure that the product is of high quality.  In this day and age, there’s hundreds of ways to “do it cheaper” but if that means a t-shirt that will fall apart the first time it’s washed, it really wasn’t a bargain.
3. Let others know about it.  Your Facebook page is a good way to stat getting the word out about your creations and it doesn’t take much time to put up a post.
4. Your aim is to get sales, large orders and word of mouth.  There’s nothing wrong with letting people know how to find your goods.  You can even ask questions such as:  what else would you like to see offered?
5. Find new people to tell about it.  Again, Facebook can help you, look for groups where you can advertise your business and products.
6. Write newsletters to those that have already bought in order to receive more sales and referrals.  MailChimp works the best.
7. Keep track of what you’re doing that works and that doesn’t work so you can create a laser focus of the workable actions. This saves you valuable time to spend creating more.

Being an Artist in Business and organizing your art career can make your dreams a reality.

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