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What Do The Richest Online Business Owners Know That You Don’t?

What Do The Richest Online Business Owners Know That You Don’t?

An article on Help 2 Succeed regarding the use of Information Marketing for artists and performing artists with tips and tools.

There is a common theme.

And that common theme is: Information… more specifically, information marketing.

We live in the information era. The use, management, indexing, and marketing of information is the single biggest shift in today’s society.

Everyone NEEDS information. We go to a search engine for what? Information. Facebook is just tons of what? Information. When you’re at your computer you are either consuming, writing, manipulating, or searching for information.

So how can you get a piece of the action?

Very easy actually. You want to get into what’s known as information marketing. As a creative person learning information marketing will help you to save money that will enable you to achieve your next targets toward your purposes and goals.

A visual artist I know of pays thousands of dollars a year on search engine marketing in order to get leads for commissions. I imagine that works as she has an art business that supports her. However, what could possibly be done with thousands of dollars? That big project you want to fund?

Information marketing is cheaper that paying for ads. If you have a computer, you pretty much have all you need!

And even if you don’t have a computer, you can get access to one at your local library.

In the search box, type the words “How to” and notice how many results come up. As I write this, there are 21 MILLION+ results that came up.

But that’s just for the generic term “how to”… Try some of these searches:

How to play the piano
How to paint
How to play guitar
How to knit a sweater
How to sing
How to create a sculpture
How to dance
How to juggle
How to rap

The list goes on and on…

Again, the demand for information is not only HUGE, it’s NEVER going to end. As long as people need to learn how to do stuff, as long as people want to improve their lives, as long as people have questions, information marketing will be here.

You can automate the entire process. HubSpot goes above and beyond to help businesses succeed with their marketing. One free download is titled “How to Implement & Succeed With Marketing Automation.”

Hubspot has free and paid tools that you can utilize to automate your art marketing.

What you need to deliver as information is products which addresses your clients needs.

Another item that is vital information is the subject of “benefits.” As a creative person you may have different types of public such as art/music/entertainment for the home or for a business or corporation, etc. It is vital to direct the benefits for two or more different public separate. For instance, a fine artist may have different benefits for homes, commissions and commercial depending on who is being addressed. A musician/singer may have birthday parties, restaurants and professional gigs.

Really the only thing that could limit you is your imagination.

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