WE CREATE! is a group of creative and talented folks uplifting their neighborhoods.  You can find out how by following along with our videos and instructions right here!

*** If you want to join the fun, you can contact H2S or print out this PDF: WE CREATE Neighborhood Flyer and send it by email to h2s4success@gmail.com. ***

#1 The first actions of our very first project:

A local neighborhood park named Plaza Park was adopted by Help-2-Succeed WE CREATE!

When speaking to the person in-charge of a section of Parks and Recreation, John, two weeks ago, he mentioned that the City was in charge of replacing the benches, picnic table and trash cans and that he would take a look at the ones currently in the park.

This is what it looked like:

Garbage Cans were bent and rusted in the Plaza Park
Table with Benches rusted in Plaza Park
garbage on the ground next to rusty bench in Plaza Park
Picnic Table and Bemches in Plaza Park
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May 2nd 2019 this happened:

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#2 Responsibility!

I ADOPTED THE PARK.  Because of John at Parks and Recreation, the Volunteer Specialist in the City Office contacted me and gave me the opportunity to adopt the park.  All I needed to do was agree to get a group of 6 helpers, do 2 projects a year and help with cleaning projects.  As I already had many projects I wanted to do and many helpers to accomplish it, it was easy to do this.

A sign is going to go up in the park with Help 2 Succeed WE CREATE! as the adoptee.