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Virtual Tip Jars – Receive Tips!

Virtual Tip Jars – Receive Tips!  For Performers, Artists, Photographers, Clubs, Art Groups and more.

I researched out what look like good services but haven’t tried any.  Instead I’m going to ask for YOUR HELP to try out and then leave a review for the services below.   In this manner, we’ll get a real good idea of the best ones to use because of many artists trying each service.

* eTip. With your unique virtual tip jar, you too can receive cashless tips. Just share your QR code at performances, on social media, live streams or even event posters.

* TipJar. Award-winning cashless tipping platform, we help individuals collect cashless tips that come directly from customers. No app needed! Use your unique QR code or URL to direct customers to your personal tipping page. It’s the perfect cashless solution for musicians, street performers, golf caddies, bartenders, beauticians, online performers and more.

* Buy Me A Coffee. A free, fast, and creative way to receive one-off and recurring support from fans. It’s a cross between a virtual tip jar and a membership site.

* – set up a branded Paypal donation link that is tied to your paypal business account. Once you create this link, however, it cannot be changed (so make it a good one).

* Venmo is a mobile payment service actually owned by PayPal. With a Venmo account you can transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app. Many artists are using Paypal, Venmo, and the next example, Cash App on their live streams to accept tips.  Note: Both the sender and receiver have to live in the U.S.

* TackPay.

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