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Two How-To’s to Help Visual Artists

Two How-To’s to Help Visual Artists

Two how-to guides to help visual artists on Help 2 Succeed.

Today while doing the research for a review, I stumbled across two How-To Articles that can be of help to sell your works.

The first one is titled “The Beginner’s Guide to Art Licensing with Print on Demand” by Cat Coquillette.  She writes “I’m a world-traveling artist and teacher. I have 100+ global licensing partners and I teach other artists how they can build a successful career in art licensing, too!”  I believe it’s worth the time to read this article and other articles on her website!  Join her mailing list! Learn and succeed!

The second one is for photographers and is titled “7 spectacular Picfair Stores (and how they were made)” This is an in-depth guide for following along to find out what successful photographers on PicFair are doing.

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