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Turning The Tide of Fate in Your Favor ~ Jonathan Gray

If someone can do it, anyone else can too! Here’s a man who doesn’t just believe those words but lives by them. He is a man who is willing to follow any trail it takes to find results or make things known: from writing to acting, from computers to even physics. Would you rather have a large piece of a small (or even shrinking) pie — with no room for expansion? Or would you rather have a small portion of a larger, growing pie — with unlimited potential for expansion? One upon which your future depends? Find out how one man’s quest to discover the ultimate market revealed not only the core industry on Earth but also where things are heading — and what you can do about it. Get a glimpse into the future and where things are heading. Should you leave your fate in someone else’s hands? Your future is in your hands. Where it goes is up to you… and what you do here and now.

Listen to the Interview –> Turning the Tide of Fate


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