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Top 3 Aspects of a Branding Strategy for an Artist in Business

When it comes to a model strategy for your art business there are lots of aspects which you need to consider. Let’s talk about three that will create a big distinction for your art business.

1. The first is developing a logo that your customers will remember

“Logo” originated from Greek “logos” which means word.  You can easily see how that relates to a logo in our current times as a logo is a symbol or other design used by a business to help it become easily recognized.

2. The second is developing a tagline that individuals will keep in mind

A tagline is a phrase which is memorable.  It’s used to help understanding of what a company does.

As a talented person, you can become very creative about this.  As an example, Roxy (vocal coach) from Voicercise sings her tagline which is super effective.

3.  The third is Brand Management

Brand management is creating a constructive Art Business image that people can associate together with your logo and tagline.  This is really quite easy to do as you can dress the part and present yourself as a creative and talented individual.  You can also utilize social media, newsletters and groups – both online and offline – to continuously get your name out there.

Branding Tricks

Let us consider a look at a couple of branding tricks to assist you to inside your art business branding endeavor.

  • Art Business Name

A large part of making your business unforgettable is making a company name that appropriately represents your business. Probabilities are, if you already have started creating your business that you have already got a title.

  • Logo

So your next step in your brand strategy is to create an unforgettable logo to go along with that name. Your logo will probably be a graphic image that represents your company. When individuals see this logo, they’ll consider you. Let us consider a take a look at some tips to help you produce a perfect logo.

When creating a logo for the small company, you will want to make sure that it impinges enough to make individuals take note of it. It should be clean, clear, and uncluttered. You’ll want to create a logo that’s not complex while also being artsy and unique.  As a creative person, you have your own imagination and talent to rely upon as well as the help from other services and professionals.  Obviously, your art logo should be suitable for your business and work nicely with your company title. It should communicate to the audience what your art business is.

I did a quick Google Search for “make my logo services” and turned up some pretty good results.  You can use some of the free tools to work out designs that you like – then incorporate that into your overall design.

  • Tag Line

As soon as you’ve developed your art company logo, your next step is creating a tag line.  Keep your tagline short and easy, between 3 to 7 words.  Your tagline should be short and succinct while also being memorable.   As an example, Apple’s tagline is “Think Different” – the longer version is “Here’s to the Crazy Ones, Think Different.”  It is short, simple, and reminds people that it is the artists and visionaries that dream the new ideas and change the world. When creating your business tagline and logo, don’t rush. An excellent tagline and logo could be the main difference that puts you in the limelight.

  • Brand Management

What is brand management? It’s everything that you do to create constructive comments and opinions about your good works. When it comes to art business branding, simply developing a logo and tagline isn’t sufficient.

Here’s some tips to ensure that your model is seen with a good opinion rather than an unfavorable one:

* SURVEYS.  Before going into the huge expense of investing into large amounts of art prints, CDs, DVDs and so on, survey!  Find out if what you are offering is what is wanted, what quantity and how much would your public be willing to pay.  Your Facebook Friends are good people to survey.
* HAPPINESS.  Keeping your clients happy doesn’t mean give away your wares or services for free.  Happiness to a client means shipments rapidly sent, tracking numbers that you can email to the client, extra thank you notes, holidays cards, newsletters with information and deals, etc.  It’s really and truly caring about your clients.
* CONTINUOUSLY GET THE WORD OUT.  Be willing to talk about your newest artistic creations, comments, your successes, your inspiration, your projects, your dreams and so on.  Use social media, your newsletter and be willing to find new ways to get more people aware of your good works.

As an aside, you can utilize Indie Artists Club to help you to continuously get the word out.   You can find out about it by reading >> Dear Creative Person.

Utilize the branding tips above to help you develop a powerful and magnetic art business where your clients keep coming back to find out the latest and also buy from you. If you consider your time and implement every step for your creative works, you’ll see a huge boom in your profitability and receive returning clients.

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  1. Hello Indie Artist Club,
    I like what you are doing to help artists
    I am an Avant-garde artist of painting, sculpture and jewelry and creator of the Mightykite (the art of flying / flying art.

    1. Hello Ricardo! Thank you very much! I “liked” your Mightykite group on Facebook. I’d love to see you other art. Do you have a website?

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