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The Top 5 Artist Business Organizing Tips

The sphere of art tends to dictate total dedication and consistent involvement. A true artist is totally engrossed in creative endeavors and for them each moment of life is a rewarding experience.  There’s nothing like working in the glorious arena of artistic pursuits. However, to be successful as an artist it is vital to find balance between artistic creation and running a business which are two distinct and challenging endeavors.

It is therefore, quintessential that as an artist you are aware of some artist business tips that can help you in organizing your business to save time and energy thus be able to devote a majority of time to your passion.  No doubt, the artist’s creative work is time consuming but if you are smart then you can facilitate your productivity immensely. This will boost your marketing and sales as well.

Here are the top 5 artist business tips that can be of benefit to you in being more effective in your business ventures:


For an artist it is very important to create working spaces that are creative and pleasant to work in. This will not only boost the effectiveness while working but also helps you to be inspired. Hence, while implementing artist business tips you need to first take a look at how your work flows in order to design an effective work space. Organizing the various items, sorting out the different files, notes etc need to be given priority so that you have a space for each aspect of work – artistic and business. This will help you in reducing stress and frustration.


Many artists can profit immensely from seeking the right help or assistance. Hiring an assistant can be a huge breakthrough in organizing your work and priorities. Similarly, seeking legal advice can pave the way for better decision making, contracts and copyrights. In addition to this you can also delegate marketing and selling responsibilities to expert people – many of which can be easily found on  Although you have to invest in this sphere with research and artistic cleverness you can locate affordable options. Delegating your work creates more time for your creative work.


It is true that most of our work and business is now in the virtual form. We spend our majority of working hours in front of computer. However, many artists are not “nerd’s.”  Hence, virtual organization should be given focus so that you can be productive throughout the day.


Knowing your financial grounds can help you in making clear goals and sensible investments. You need to separate your personal and business finances. This will facilitate better and effective financial management in the long run.  Your finance system does not have to be complex, just workable for your own specific needs.


Planning and creating daily and weekly to-do lists are one of the most valuable and worthwhile artist business tips which will help you in channeling your time and energy appropriately. It is also essential for the optimum functionality of your business. This will not only create growth and productivity in your artist business but also help you to create new business opportunities for yourself!

24 thoughts on “The Top 5 Artist Business Organizing Tips

  1. Good points to take note of. It’s really nice to see you helping those who are looking all over for information to understand concepts like these.

  2. We always need tips like this daily to help ease our workload and makes things a lot easier and of course an artist isn’t left out to be able to create a good business atmosphere. It really important for an artist to get an assistant and also delegate activities especially to experts for the success of the business.

  3. These are workable tips for artists and would-be artists. Making a to-do list and sticking to it and also being active with it will help an artist business wise.

  4. There are nice suggestions for the artists and also would be artists. You need to make a to do list and be active.

  5. These are very practical and effective tips, which could be used by artists and non-artists. Taking these tips altogether, I think upcoming business enthusiasts could find help and do all of these things online as apps, websites and virtual assistants are readily available. Combining these tips and all the resources would be simply makes things easier. Thanks for this!

  6. “first take a look at how your work flows in order to design an effective work space” This is very important for me. I know how some people work in what they might call a controlled chaos and I find I don’t function as efficiently in that kind of space. Even if the organizing takes time, I take pains to do it because I know it’ll benefit me later.

  7. Great tips! Long gone are the days where an artist has to settle for the “starving artist” syndrome. Nope, artists don’t have to settle for that image anymore. The Internet has opened up the doors to so many creative types, that with the skills that you have and a little business savvy (even if one has to outsource a bit here & there like the article suggests), then you can not only create art, but you can truly create opportunities for yourself.

    I truly believe that there has been no better time in history to become a successful artist as it is right now. With the advent of the Internet, you now have global distribution channels that you can tap into for free to showcase your art to the world. For artists of the past, these types of widespread opportunities just did not exist and were unheard of. The only channels they hard were setting up on the corner or the local art shop hoping people would notice their work or that someone would ‘discover’ them.

    I’m not an artist, but I know a lot of artist and have had artists in my family, so I enjoy art and respect what artists do: You keep the world creative, fresh, interesting and evolving! So don’t sit back and wait to be discovered; but rather, open up your eyes and discover all the opportunities that you have available to you, right now, to gain exposure for your art – on a Global scale!

    1. Very inspirational, Alexander. You’re right about artists keeping the world creative, fresh, interesting and evolving! I appreciate your wonderful feedback! 🙂

  8. Your article really is a treasure. I find myself always getting behind deadlines, but I know I should develop discipline and a system if I want to get things done. You article reminded me to organize and work in a smart way.

  9. As a non-artist, I found your tips helpful. The fifth, creating to-do lists, is necessary for anyone whether an artist or not, who wants to succeed in business while working as an entrepreneur. You did a good job here.

  10. Some solid tips. I think it’s also important to be resilient. It is not an easy market for any type of career in art so you have to be truly passionate and have a thick skin for rejection. The other great thing about art is you can work anywhere and still pursue an artistic medium on your own time. Your artistic skills can also be very beneficial in any type of job. Always having projects on the go and earning a little on the side is a great way to be a functional artist in this day and age.

  11. Nice suggestions for would be artists and non artists like me. You made these tips simple and easier for everyone to understand.

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