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The Original Marketer was a Troglodyte

I am referring to the prehistoric cave dweller when I say troglodyte!

Imagine the very first caveman that came home after a day of hunting and near misses on his life just to bring home food to survive yet another day. Arriving ‘home’ to a dark, cold and dusty cave, more than likely shared with others – so it probably smelled awful, too. Our troglodyte added his share of ripe smell to the dwelling with dead carcasses, tools of his trade and filthy dirt-smeared clothes.

Life at it’s bare necessity stripped of all niceties. (imagine no frills, just filth?!)

Perhaps it was a woman troglodyte that just couldn’t take it and was desperate enough to go beyond the boundaries of everyday survival to figure out a solution because she just couldn’t take the mess and wanted to put some order in?!

Well, man or woman cave person, someone saw the fires in the woods, had to communicate the concept to his other tribes people and be convincing enough that the group acted to learn to control fire and cook food instead of eating it raw.

There is your very first sales pitch!

What were the components of the troglodyte sales pitch? Here you go:

#1. Saw a problem.
#2. Worked out a solution.
#3. Got others attention.
#4. Spoke about a problem.
#5. Gave the solution.
#6. Urged action.
#7. Got compliance.

Life got better because of the above [cooked food, less smell, less filth] – therefore, we can conjecture that the ‘salesperson’ was listened to in the future when more ideas were brought up. It is obvious that his or her actions were used by others to move civilization forward, too.

There you go, a lesson from a troglodyte to make the complex subject of marketing rather simple and enjoyable!

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