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The Differences Between Social Media, Blogging and a Website

The Differences Between Social Media, Blogging and a Website

Social Media

Social Media is similar to going to a party.

At a party you introduce yourself to new people and chat a little. Subjects such as the setting, nice music, great food and wonderful weather as well as exchanging names and occupations are common.

The most important thing to talk about is the other person. You show interest, you compliment, you pay attention and ask questions to clarify. The most important thing to do is remember the person’s name and some details about the things that are important to them such as their work, hobbies or interests.

When going to a party would you hold up a “for sale” sign?

I’ve never met anyone that showed up to a party with placards or signs or brochures with items for sale, have you?

The party go-ers would ignore the person. They’re not at the party to be sold anything. The attendees of a party are looking for a change of pace from their everyday activities and for meeting new people. Maybe even some intelligent conversation.

The same idea goes for social media. Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. The statistics from 2014 are 82% of Americans ignore online ads.

If you started a social media account to sell, you aren’t going to get very far with sales. You may also not have many friends or followers.  The idea is to engage and make friends.

Turn It Into Success

The internet was created to provide information. Whenever you go online to do a search, you are looking for information whether it’s a comparison of different makes of cars, the most dependable art supply store or just a definition of a word, it’s all information. Today’s consumers are educated and will decide on a particular item because it’s the best choice. The best choice does not mean lowest price either. A consumer will spend the extra money if it is a quality product.

Here’s a handy guide for being successful with your internet endeavors:


Social Media A party or gathering where you meet new friends

Blogging Inviting new friends to come to your home

Website Inviting a new friend that came to your home into your home office

Putting It All Together

This is what you do for online sales:

  1. You meet new people on social media and find out more about them.
  2. The people that you hit it off with, you invite to your blog – like a party when you find a person that you have a lot in common with, you invite to your home. Your blog has interesting things such as items you have around your home. Some examples for your blog are interesting photos, things that inspire you, subjects you keep up-to-date on, the art projects that you create (especially in-progress images).
  3. A person that visits your home (blog) is so interested in you and then asks what you do for a living so you bring him into your home studio/office (website). Some people at this point are interested and want to buy (yay!); there are also some people that are interested but don’t want to buy – this second group is good, too. The ones that don’t buy may know others that will buy or may introduce you to more people or may have other connections that can help you make sales.
  4. Continue doing the above.

Successful internet marketing is a soft sell which is a campaign that uses a more subtle, casual, or friendly sales message. You build trust, interest and a good reputation with your marketing actions.

Please note that there are some “Don’ts” in internet soft sell marketing:

  • Don’t tell people that you feel like a fraud.
  • Don’t tell people that you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t be critical, invalidate or evaluate for yourself or others.
  • Don’t make less of your own artistic creations or ideas.

Any problems or self-doubts that you run into, discuss with your mentor to help resolve.

To Your Success!


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