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Successful Woman Entrepreneur & Artist Tribel Nickerson Shares Successful Actions

Tune in to the Help 2 Succeed Radio Show to hear Successful Woman Entrepreneur & Artist Tribel Nickerson share her successful actions >> Tribel Nickerson Interview

Help 2 Succeed interviews Tribel Nickerson - Successful Entrepreneur and ArtistTribel Nickerson is a Publicist, a Bass Guitar player, Author, Success Coach, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur.

“What I love the most is helping people win in life” Tribel Nickerson

She knew in high school that she wanted to make a positive impact on other peoples lives. She is an entrepreneur and a go-getter in life. She recently moved to Atlanta to be an on-air personality at mixx106

Tribel is the travel agent for the Peachtree Village International Film Festival and the travel agent for a huge amount of celebrities in the film and music industry. She currently owns a travel agency

Help 2 Succeed interviews Tribel Nickerson Bass Guitarist, publicist, author, entrepreneurShe’s the CEO & Founder of Ladies Empowered And Driven (L.E.A.D) Which is a nonprofit organization that allows women to be empowered, uplifted, encouraged and to support one another. She executes empowerment workshops, vision board seminars, speaking engagements and so much more to help women bond and inspire one another on a daily basis.

She is also the creator of the Women of Honor awards in Atlanta with her business partner Miss Tina Bridges. The company honors amazing ladies around the world for their body of work and giving back to the community. The out-standing women are shower with awards, dinner, crowns, a magazine spread and a free vacation for two.

As a publicist, she stays busy managing the public image of her clients and setting up events. She creates activities such as book signing, pitching clients to journalist and influencers, arranging interviews and press conferences. She is sought after because of her professionalism and resourcefulness.

Interview with Tribal NickersonWhoever Tribel works with, her topmost purpose is to help her clients reach their full potential.

“Tribel Nickerson is down to earth and a lot of fun.” S.R.J.

Tribel authored the book “BROKEN DAUGHTERS” which was inspired after meeting her father for the first time in her late 40’s.

Nothing holds Tribel down as she marches forward with creative dreams. Watch for her new talk show!


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