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Some Good Marketing Tools to Use

Some Good Marketing Tools to USE

An article at help 2 succeed with good advice on tools that can save marketing time for an artist in business.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be creating than trying to write articles, do social media and find keywords to use!  You meed to be a wordsmith or guru or some type of computer genius to come up with the perfect keywords, right?  There’s an amazing, nearly magical tool that you can use without having to worry about cutting into create time!

It’s called Soovle.  The page you’re brought to doesn’t look like much at all but try it out.  Just type a word, any word into the search bar and click on the Soolve button.  BAM!  You have results of keywords to use in WikiPedia, Google, Answers, Amazon, YouTube, Bing and Yahoo.  It’s actually fun to use!!

Of all the long standing marketing companies online, Hubspot is the best in my opinion.  There’s free tools which is all you, an artist in business are going to need.  There are premium services that larger companies and corporations sign up for.  Just go for the free tools as this company knows what their doing.

There’s free marketing tools, sales tools, customer service and more.  Take one at a time and learn it, then the next.

As an Artist in Business, you can save your precious create time instead of working hard to get everything done on your own.


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