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Show The World

You are a creative individual! The writing that you do, the poetry that you write, the drawings or paintings or other form of art that you create is passionate and comes from the heart. It is imaginative, daring, inventive – sometimes happy and sometimes sad. Your works are completely unique and only something that you would think of and do.

You are very special. There is something distinctive and exceptional about a person that creates. No matter what, you are different and stand out amongst a group or a crowd. You are not ordinary, regular or average – as an artist, you are completely unparalleled. There is a special harmony that you march to that is a level that is not understood by those that do not create but it is respected.

Life touches your very soul. You feel the hurts, the frustrations, see the beauty, feel the hate, joy and love. It touches your inner being inspiring you to create.

Show the world who you really are. Here’s some tips for you to get attention:

1. Wear unusual hats including berets. You can find the unusual in vintage and antique stores, online at eBay (search for vintage hats) and estate sales. Berets can be found in most any store in many colors.

2. Wear flamboyant, colorful and unique clothing. Try on new styles and colors that you haven’t tried before. Experiment with jacket styles – short, blazer, long. Go to your local second hand store for trying on clothes combinations and locating the unique.

3. Try different hairstyles and colors.

4. Smile a lot.

5. Start dressing unique and don’t stop!

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