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Resources for Visual Artists

Artsy Shark resources for visual artistsArtists always need the newest-technology resources to add to other workable actions to flourish and prosper.  Unless you are a computer whiz, trying to find, understand and utilize the resources can be extremely time consuming.  Isn’t it better to utilize your time creating instead of getting into a jumbled mess without immediate solutions?

The truth is, the internet offers solutions to artists, unfortunately it also offers the not-quite-ethical offers, too.  The good news is: you can utilize information from trusted sources that have a long term record for guiding artists towards success.

artist resourcesArtsy Shark has some very good information and has been online offering GOOD help since 2009.  The founder, Carolyn Edlund has a mission to “inspire every artist to build a better art business.”

You should pay particular attention to the following areas on Artsy Shark:
Business of Art Articles
Marketing Articles
Sell Art Online Directory – 250 Places to Sell Art

You can also submit to become a Featured Artist.

By utilizing information from a professional you can achieve what you want rapidly.





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