Recommendations, Testimonials and Successes

“… you made me believe in me and allowed me to believe in my success.”

“I have been in contact with Leigh Ann Edrich, for a little over one year. I found her through an art link and we started out our friendship by e-mail and then on the messenger and later by phone. She has been most helpful in teaching me to build a web site to display my art work and to put me into contact with other places to get exposure for my work. There has never been a time when she has been too busy to help. The really special thing about this is that Leigh Ann really helps her fellow person get a foothold in art exposure. I had no idea where to start but through Leigh Ann I have really had my eyes opened to another world of the arts. She is a very special person. She is so talented in so many ways. She is a really good artist, too!”  C.B.

“Hi Leigh Ann – I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me through FB Messenger to set up a web site and to get my art business started. I have painted for years and years but had no idea how to market my work. You were so kind to guide me effortlessly through building a beautiful web site and now I am on my way. It was a true blessing that we met through the internet. Again, thank you, thank you and may God Bless You.”     C. T.

Letter of recommendation Leigh Ann Edrich
“Soul sisters Leigh Ann and me go back about 10 years now. There was a period where we lost touch and with a persistence typical for her she found me again under rather miraculous circumstances. What a good laugh and win that was. Leigh Ann has always been helpful no matter what subject. She tackles life with intention and a light touch that permeates and gets her the result she wanted. When I raise my eyes above the computer I see that same light touch in her ‘dream’ painting on my wall. With the attitude that anything is possible, Leigh Ann, the go-getter, makes it happen and laughs while she is doing it. I can’t think of anything better.”  G. A.

“I would like to thank Leigh Ann – owner of Help 2 Succeed for all of her support and assistance in providing me with all the positive encouragement. She is totally an asset in the success of me she truly is GOD sent to me I will always be grateful to her. Thank you once again Leigh Ann for the excellent job done on my website you made me believe in me and allowed me to believe in my success. Leigh Ann you are the best thanks again you are my mentor.”
R. V. A.

Dear Leigh Ann,
“Your help with computers, digital photography, websites, and E-bay training has been greatly appreciated.

‘I would convey to anyone wishing to check a personal reference that you are truly a professional in the service you deliver. I have never noted you being late or lacking in knowledge on services delivered. We do have ongoing work at this time, but I would also convey to anyone checking a personal or professional reference that I would highly recommend you to any group or project. I have full confidence that the outcome will be greatly enhanced by your participation.  Sincerely,” D. H.

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