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MARKETING FOR ARTISTS – 5 TIPS by Lynda Cain Hubbard

By Lynda Cain Hubbard

For Help2Succeed

After being on your wonderful radio program, and getting such a powerful response, I wanted to also put down the basic information in writing.  Here goes–

“Marketing” and “Art” seem to most people like two different worlds.  One is complex and boring and the other is exciting and creative. Am I right?

Help 2 SUcceed shares 5 artist in business tips and gives additional resourcesI am here to dispel this idea. They go together very well, if you want to prosper and keep creating your artwork.  Don’t let others stop you or give you false or negative feedback. We have all heard about the “starving artist” who did not become famous until after death or because a Patron of the Arts came along.  It is very possible to promote your art and sell it with all the online as well as off line venues there are today.  Why give up your dream of making a living doing Art?

Help 2 Succeed Boost2Success ProgramsArt is a form of communication and follows the laws of communication.  So does your marketing—the promotion must communicate. You CAN become known and create interest in your artwork.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

You are your own worst enemy.  Most artists can be their own worst critic, and any comment from others will reinforce any lack of confidence. Keep your integrity in and remember—the best, most inspirational thing in all people is their ability to create. This means fine artists, illustrators, writers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, designers, sculptors, jewelry makers, metalwork, pottery, tapestry, quilting, glasswork and architecture to name a few… As an Artist you can do this better than most.  As an Artist you can influence many things, without even realizing it. During the times of great art in any civilization was also the most productive, inventive, harmonious for all and Help 2 Succeed presents 8 tips to achieve your dreams as an artistenlightening. That is why churches have used it throughout history.  Artists put the aesthetic wavelengths into the culture. You can feel the aesthetics of a great work of art. It uplifts. It has an effect on you. You can make people feel more alive, more valuable, calmer, happier, even more playful with Art. You can also make them feel hopeless, angry, sad, confused, and vengeful, or rebellious—which has also been done to control a population or start a movement.  This is your choice..  A group, area, country, or world can be inspired using Art.  YOUR ART.  Which will it be?

To get your art out there, online, there are now many ways such as:

1. Simply posting your artwork on Facebook. Whatever it is, take photos of it do you can use it on all digital formats.  Also asking people to comment. If they like it they will ask you for more info, they may send it to friends, and maybe even commission an art piece. If you get your work out online and liked by others, you can get comments and create relationships with people.

2. Friends can recommend you to others. They can send something (picture of your art) out on their OWN email list.
2a. You can target places, send out a blog or email (simple short data, your story with pictures of your art) online to specific places like galleries or art festivals or art contests or other artists you know, even your friends who pass it on to others they know may like the artwork. You can become better known which equals more chance of people seeing your Art. You may even contribute to a non-profit and they could send photos of your art to their list of donors.  Any Public Relations (PR) uses market research to ensure best success.

3. You can survey  20- 25 of your friends,  ask them what your art communicates to them, what they like best, what  they feel about it, and if they would like to get it, yes/no, or know people who would like it, as well as get Why they said that. Get real answers, their motivation behind it, not just a multiple choice answer like on Survey Monkey. Tabulate it (count up what words are used Most on each question) and the see what the top wording is (Button in marketing terms) that comes up the MOST number of times in your survey.

4. Use that in all your promotion online and off line to talk about your art and promote yourself as an Artist. Then all you have left to do is work out a price. Note: Even prices can be researched and you can find out what others who have similar artwork charge!

5. Research as much as you can about WHO ALREADY buys art and buys your type of artwork.  You can get emails, addresses, as well as phone numbers of art collectors, art buyers, and art galleries, art public that read the art magazines, and so forth.  Go online for other tips. The website at Lori McNee’s is very informative for artists who want to market and she has tips on writing your bio, artist statement, etc.

These are but a few things to market your art.

Remember: the word Marketing comes from bringing to “market”.  For centuries people have been bringing their goods and services (and artwork! ) to the open markets—cattle, pots and pans, jewelry and the like. To market today means simply all the steps you need to take to bring your work to the attention of those that will buy it.  From starting word of mouth, to articles and picture or anything you put online or letters written, things mailed out, promotion online showing our work or showing you making your art on YouTube, advertising such as doing the small Facebook ads you can do now inexpensively to a target audience with pictures of your art, and even sales literature about your story, your art or an art showing you did..

When they do give you money (or barter) for your artwork, then and only then has it been fully marketed.  And artists survive best when marketed.

And you need to survive, my precious artists. You are making a huge contribution to the world by bring more life, more aesthetics, and making people feel better, more upbeat, invigorated or inspired in their daily lives.  You are bringing the best out of us.


Lynda Cain Hubbard

Artist (Painter, Writer) memoir Book:  Loving Dangerously: JOURNEY TO NEPAL and Marketing Company owner for 25+years : TRENDCREATORS.COM  (was called Trendsetters previously)

Artists For A Better World  (go to the website and join!)

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