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Locating Ethical Companies

Locating Ethical Companies.

Did you receive the income you needed and wanted?

What is meant by Ethical?

An ethical company is one that will help to improve something or deliver high quality products.  Some examples are a recycle company, an art company that will market your creations much further than you can and do so at a small cost, a food company that ensures that it’s organic and has no chemicals, a telephone service that ensures your phone is secure, a company that has real technical support, etc.  Some examples of companies that aren’t ethical are ones that only let you speak to a robot that doesn’t deliver the answers to your questions, a restaurant that doesn’t care what condition the food served is in, a company that advertises a high-quality product but delivers a cheap substitute, a company that sells a product by misleading photographs, and so on.

Why bother to ensure a company is ethical?

This is best explained as a short story of the beginning days of the internet.  Websites used to market for the individual or company.  There were other perks too such as domain names, hosting, templates and actual service that were delivered for one small price (around $28).  Some companies realized that the different activities could all have a price tag which started a huge trend that has lasted to this day and age.  There’s companies that specialize in advertising, domains, hosting, etc. and charge for each activity.
What’s little known is that there are still companies that have FULL service that include marketing and other perks.  You need to do your homework to find the companies that are within the public that you need to reach.
Here’s an example: one area that I need to reach with my art is companies in The Arts.  I searched for companies that would take my art and get it onto lines that I wasn’t able to reach on my own.  The companies that I found to work with have mailing lists that go to 120 countries and reach the public that I need to: art collectors, art dealers, curators, gallery owners and museum owners.
What you need is the help of an ethical company to get the word out. The companies exist.

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