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Join Help 2 Succeed for an Interview with Roxy Kerr-Miller Multi-talented Artist and Owner of Voicercise


Join Help 2 Succeed for an Interview with Roxy Kerr-Miller Multi-talented Artist and 3rd generation Owner of Voicercise.  The interview will be August 9th 2018 at 2pm Eastern Time.  Here’s the INTERVIEW LINK.

Roxy began her Voicercise training in 2005 and plays a key role in the running of the company and as well is the talent that drives Voicercises to stay true to it’s three generations of helping to free up artists of all kinds to realize their dreams.

Roxy is the daughter of the widely celebrated Singing Coach and Talent Developer Naomi T. Kaye, and granddaughter of famed jazz singer Amanda Ambrose, founder of Voicercise.

Roxy Kerr-Miller is the third generation and currently the only official Voicercise instructor in the world. Over the past 11 years she has helped over 30,000 singers and given voice lessons to students of all ages, singing genres, and difficulty levels.

Roxy currently teaches upwards of 45 voice lessons to individual students each week, as can be witness to the many many testimonials she receives weekly, from students whom are now performing, and singing to their fullest of abilities, with confidence, freedom and ease.

Roxy has been seen on T.V. shows, radio, in many musicals, has been singing professionally for 17 years, and was a model, classically trained ballerina and competed in gymnastic competitions for 10 years as an child to adolescent.  She has recently been mentioned in the Celebrity Center Magazine.

With various family members already in the music industry, Roxy began singing at the Late Night Café and various other night clubs at age of 13. From there she progressed to, singing on dinner boats, T.V. shows, radio, large dinner banquets, live sporting events, and professional recordings.

Her experience in the music industry inspired her to share the joy she achieved with aspiring singers who also would like to achieve similar dreams.

“Being an up and coming rock singer, Roxy has been a awesome voice teacher. With her ways of keeping me centered in the basics of singing while challenging me with some new exercises and skills, really helps me, grow as an artist.

It’s an honor to learn to sing better with her teaching me everything I need to become the singer you wanna be.”

Mathew Lopez
Rock, Singer/Band Leader

“I started going to Roxy about three or four months ago, between the lessons and the Voicercise cd, my voice has improved so much in such a small amount of time it is truly unbelievable. Roxy is even putting music to the songs that I have written. She is amazing and I couldn’t image going anywhere else. I recommend her to everyone.”

Autumn Lee

Join Help 2 Succeed in welcoming Roxy!

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