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Is What You’re Doing the Right Size for YOU?

Is What You’re Doing the Right Size for YOU?

An article about expanding horizons to achieve art goals on Help 2 Succeed.

Sometimes a creative person might be doing things to become popular and make sales but is still struggling.  For instance, an artist may have dreams that encompass a huge area such as an entire state but is presently working on how to make it go right in a little town.  Perhaps you want to become a Best Selling Author but only 150 people know of you.  Or, you want to have gigs five times a week but you’re lucky if you get that many per month.

Increasing your scope is really what is needed.  There are solutions to increase your scope and achieve what you’re aiming for.  A bit of homework is necessary to ensure you are going to get into good scenes and avoid the bad ones.  Find companies that keep in Artists Rights and the Copyright Laws of the Land.  Only work with companies that honestly want to help creative and talented people.  You don’t want trouble, you want to flourish!

A fine artist can do a search online to find events and shows within their state and then plan out how to get into the ones that are honestly working to help creative and talented people.  I really can’t emphasize that enough!  It makes all the difference in your career taking off or not.

Once you have worked out companies to work with, then plan out a schedule for the next few months by contacting the companies.  Your schedule can include gigs, shows, contests, etc.

A writer can look for groups to join that give good advice and also find contests to get into.  A search on both eBay and Amazon for books on how to become a Best Selling Author are good, too.  The best contest that helps aspiring writers and illustrators is the Writer’s and Illustrators of the Future because winners and runners-up get catapulted into success with their coaching.

As a note, getting into contests that give awards is a good method to increase your value in any area of The Arts or Performing Arts.  Also, getting yourself seen is a good way to find more opportunities that will open doors for you.  You can get into Free Spaces just about anywhere.  You can find a Free Space How-to and Checklist at Art in the Park Events (the Help 2 Succeed Event site).  Free Spaces are very good for musicians, singers, entertainers, comedians, poets, authors, fine artists, photographers to name a few.  One person, when utilizing a free space was asked to play at a celebration (a well paid gig).  What can you accomplish with a free space?

Small and large events get put on at Art in the Park Events.  You are always welcome to join in the fun.

If you want some help, you can always get a Free 30-minute Consultation – to start, take the Artists Consultation Questionnaire.

Whatever you do, don’t let your dreams die.  Creators of wonders are very needed!

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