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Interview with The Facebook Ninja MANUEL SUAREZ – How to Build Your Personal Brand as an Artist Artistic Entrepreneur

How to Build Your Personal Brand as an Artist Artistic Entrepreneur
Jake Isham Interviews  The Facebook Ninja MANUEL SUAREZ

Manuel Suarez Interview on Help 2 SucceedManuel Suarez tells the story he went from BANKRUPT to selling a MULTI-MILLION dollar business. He then built his marketing agency and build personal brands such as his dad Frank Suarez and Dr. Eric Berg.

He explains the power of social media, where to start on it and how to use it to its fullest potential.

Manuel’s Mission
“I decided to share my ability, to help people become successful in what I view to be the greatest marketing era in humanity’s history.”

I’ve helped generate over 2 billion views across different channels, and have helped generate millions of followers.

Attention Grabbing MediaBecause of my success, I started my own Agency, Attention Grabbing Media, and, because of overwhelming demand, I decided to create my own course on Social Media Marketing.

My obsession is ATTENTION. Years ago, I realized that once you have it, financial scarcity no longer exists. I like to help people.

I like to help them expand and flourish in their life. And through my knowledge of Social Media Advertising I can.

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Where to Find Manuel Suarez:
Manuel Suarez
Fire Nation A Facebook Ads Masterclass with Manuel Suarez
Attention Grabbing Media

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