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Information Marketing

Information Marketing

An article regarding supplying information about the subject you are talking about at Help 2 Succeed.

What is information marketing? It is a way of selling products while at the same time providing useful information to the prospective buyer. You give the customer information about the subject, which he can use whether he buys the product or not.

For example, an artist who is selling original paintings, might send out a newsletter with his latest paintings offered for sale and a list of dates for his shows. With information marketing, he would also provide helpful tips on how to frame paintings, which anyone could use whether they buy a painting from him or not.

Another example would be a bookkeeper who used a postcard to advertise his business. He put a list of types of receipts that a small business would need to keep for tax purposes on the back and thereby made the card valuable to the recipient. The potential customer would not throw it away – he would keep the card.

Hardware stores have been doing this kind of marketing for a hundred years or more. They give away yardsticks or paint stirring sticks which have the store’s address and phone and possibly these days a website. They give people something they can use. Many more customers will keep these things than would keep a business card.

Information marketing is very useful on the web. Write an article about how to raise and care for chickens and collect eggs. People who search the web for information about raising chickens will find the article and also find your ad for selling baby chicks or hen houses or whatever related item you sell.

Whatever product you sell, there exists related information that people will want to have. Get people interested in buying the product from you by providing them with the information they need.

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