Ideas on How To Make Sales

Some old-fashioned techniques to make sales done by businesses can also help you to make sales as an artist in business.

You can not only sell your creations such as painting, photographs, books, music, videos of performances but also:

* Pictures of you in action creating your art. This can be a dancer mid leap, a singer mid note, an artist at the easel, a musician playing his instrument, a craftsman working.

* A video of you in action creating your art such as a painter painting, a photographer taking a picture, a poet reciting his poetry, the singer singing, musician playing, a dancer or an actor/actress at work.  You can get very creative with this.

* A How-to video.  You an be creating and talking about what you are doing, plus give instructions, tips or suggestions.

* Pictures or prints of your art, craft or product.  There’s several print on demand websites online to choose from where you can put your art, photography or designs on items such as posters, canvas, home decor, clothing, etc.

* Schedule a performance or demonstration of your art-in-action.  Now-a-days you can perform both online and off.

* Give art, music, singing, writing, crafting lessons – online or off.

Here’s some tried and try promotional ideas that have worked for decades:

* Post flyers or business cards on the bulletin boards at your local grocery stores, health food stores, laundromats, schools and colleges.

* Create a flyer that includes an order form to be sent out to your mailing list and with every order.

* Hand out flyers or catalogs door-to-door in neighborhoods and apartment complexes.   Door-to-door flyers, by survey, are held onto until the person needs the service or product.  One roofing company had people calling from flyers that had been handed out 2-3 years before.  It’s a marvelous way to advertise as it does get long term results.  As a tip, you can usually find a couple of teenagers in your area that would like to have the extra work.

* Word of mouth and reviews.  (The instructions on how to do this are a part of Tiny Checklists and can be found on the Boost2Success page.)

Add the above “fuel” on your adventure towards making your dreams becoming reality! 🙂

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