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How I Did It #1 of A Series for Living Your Art

Although I’m known on Help 2 Succeed as a mentor for artists, unique marketer, organizer and a webmaster, I’m also a multi-talented artist and live my art.  Here’s my story of how I did it in a series of lessons that you can follow in order to succeed with your goals as a creative person.

The very first item on the list is:

This may not sound like such a big thing to do.  Your family and friends may have been acknowledging the works of beauty that you create since you were a child.

Although I was very creative as a child and loved to do arts and crafts projects, especially with my mom, I didn’t make a “big splash” until I was fifteen years old when I started writing prose.  At that time, I was acknowledged and encouraged by aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends.

I really thought I had a bright future as a poet and writer.

But life did get in the way and so did people that knew better thus criticized and invalidated my ambitions in The Arts.  I foolishly listened to comments such as “ha ha ha, what a foolish idea! You won’t be able to make a living as a writer!” “You’re just not good enough.” “No one will read it.”  And thus made my living in many areas, including as a roofer!

My prose, poetry and short stories were only done in private and I stopped showing others.  Then I stopped writing altogether with dreams crushed regarding being an author.  But I never stopped creating.  My creations were in the form of painting my living spaces with lively colors, growing plants, caring for my daughter, decorating for holidays and many other imaginative outlets.

It wasn’t until I was thirty years old that my creative dreams were revived.  You may have read other articles and stories of mine where I refer to my mentor, Ralph E. Grimes.  We started off by working at the same place together, with the same habits: go to work early, sit in reception, have coffee and read.  We became the best of friends.

I had to move to a different state because of a family situation so we stayed in touch via letters (this was before the internet).  By writing back and forth, I found out that Ralph was a poet!  After some letters, I originated that I was, too so Ralph started encouraging me to write poetry.   Then one day, I decided to send along one of my “doodles” – really a drawing.

I never expected the response back that I received from Ralph.  He took my drawing and hung it up in his area which had a remarkable amount of foot traffic daily, about 100 people!  The letter Ralph sent me was not only his viewpoint of my art but also the actions and responses of many others.

I was over-awed by the letter!  Art and writing were something I put on the back shelf but here was my simple little drawing receiving attention and amazing responses.  This action alone revitalized my purpose in The Arts.

Ever since then, each time I create something, I get feedback from others.

Now, this is how YOU can apply the information above:

  1. Create something.
  2. Go outside and find a complete stranger.
  3. Ask the person to look at, listen to, watch or read your creation.
  4. If the person doesn’t originate feedback, ask for feedback.
  5. Do it again and again.
  6. You can also use Facebook.  Put up your creation as a post and ask for feedback.
  7. Keep tack of the really good, good, not so good and bad comments.

You may receive some comments that you don’t like and sometimes you might receive some downright nasty comments.  CONTINUE.  You will get the honest, kind and thoughtful comments, too.

Sometimes you won’t receive many good comments on one piece, don’t get hung up on it – CONTINUE.  Do another creation and get out there again.

To believe in yourself and your creative abilities requires some action on your part.  Do it!  It’s so worth it!!









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