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Good Review for Art Store Fronts

Good Review for Art Store Fronts

Good Review for Art Storefronts.

Art Store Fronts Good Review.

I gave a good review to Art Store Fronts.

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Artists Rights, Licenses and Copyright Laws.

I wasn’t able to find any copyright or licensing information on the website even though I searched for over an hour on both the Art Store Fronts website and by doing an internet search.  I could not find a mention of Licenses or Copyright Laws for the artists that use the service.  I did find out lots of information about Art Store Fronts protecting themselves (which the site should have) and ensuring that the art posted is from the artist or a representative of the artist that can prove that it’s okay to use the art (which is also good news).

I have a lovely artist friend that does use Art Store Fronts so, she asked Does Art Store Fronts take a license or irrevocable license of the artists works?  I did get a response via my artist friend and also one by text from the company which follows:  “Art Storefronts does not do any licensing of your artwork.  We have no rights to it.  We only provide the platform for you to display your artwork, help you market it and sell it.”

I did provide three articles to the company representative that I wrote on the subject, as follows:

Can you Trust This?
Reading the Fine Print is Vital
What is a sublicense?

With the advent of AI, Copyright Laws had to be created to protect artists and performing artists.  Plus the subject of Artist Rights and Human Rights becoming more widespread.  The information regarding licensing and not taking any rights should be posted on the site. Art Storefronts is doing something very good and it should be known.  It’s important!

What are the total fees for Art Store Front and the Vendor (print on demand company)?

From different pages I was able to find out some information but there isn’t one page with full disclosure of the different costs.

I found out on the page How to review plan types the cost of the plans are as follows, but don’t know if this is the current cost or not:  Gold ($3,999 one time fee plus $50 billed annually/$59 monthly), Silver ($2,999 one time fee plus $50 billed annually/$59 monthly) and Bronze ($1,749 one time fee plus $34 billed annually/$44 monthly).

Besides the cost of the plan, for every sale, Art Store Fronts takes a transaction fee as follows, found on Everything You Need To Know About Payments & The Fulfillment Payments Process For Artists:

Print Products Originals/Limited Editions Standard Products
Gold Plan 10% 5% 0%
Silver Plan 12% 7% 0%
Bronze Plan 15% 10% 0%

I don’t know if the above are the current transaction fees or not.  I did find that there are other fees:  packaging and shipping, taxes, Print-on-Demand vendor fees.  However I don’t know the full cost.  Also, I did find that there are discounts on wholesale purchases.

More Good News about Art Storefronts

* Art Store Fronts has an excellent Help Center with trained staff that really help the artists.

* Art Store Fronts technical team, per reviews, is also very good.

* The reviews that I found online regarding Art Store Fronts are excellent and good.

* Trust Pilot gives Art Store Fronts a 4.8.  There’s also 36 pages of reviews that you can read.




You can find out more about Copyright Alliance here.


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