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Frank P. Devine Award Winning King of Carving and Multi-Talented Artist

“There is a definite Art to good living.”

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I have been an artist all my life. My parents always supported my creative pursuits with encouragement and enthusiasm. While growing up I found refuge from daily life in painting the fantasy world of my creative imagination. Expressing the images of my imagination with art connects me physically to my spiritual being and allows others to make that connection as well.

My Skills are broad and well refined, a must in my specialized field of architectural art. I transform ordinary conventionally designed space into extraordinary spectacular environments specific to the clients needs.

When my Professional career started at age 14 . I quickly discovered I have a knack for translating the imaginative ideas of my clients into accurate and tangible expressions of art for them. Versatility of style, subject and materials use became a strong asset to my profession.

I take great pride in my work. My reputation as a meticulous award winning artist with the highest quality standards has served me well. So whenever I create a work of art it gets 100% of my attention to detail. I pour my heart and soul into every piece, drawing on every acquired skill required to assure the standard excellence expected of me by my clients and myself.

The early years of my career were spent honing my skills as a custom auto painter by day and fine art painter at night. The combination those two very different painting skills compliment each other very well. the result is superior understanding of color and composition, materials and process exceeding that of other artists. Applying this knowledge and skill to my wood sculpture has set me apart from others in my field of expertise as a Master Wood carver.

I enjoy creating my works of art. That love for what I do shows in the work. Its a spiritual experience for me. The real purpose of art is misunderstood by most people including artists. Art is supposed to trigger an emotional response. The greater and broader that impact the more successful the piece. Art is communication. The better people connect with ones work the higher the achievement.

Being a top ranked award winning artist with global recognition has been an enchanting affirmation of my ability. Living on the scenic central coast of California has been an inspiration to my creativity. Seeing the excitement and delight on the faces of satisfied clients makes it all worth while.

I look forward to serving those that make that special connection with my work.

My skills list: Sculpture, Painting, Stained Glass, Mosaic, Ceramics, French Paper Mache, Fauxe Finishes, Wood & Plaster Architectural features, metal work, design.

Frank P. Devine – King of Carving
Globally Mobile and Looking forward to serving your Artistic needs.

(805)- 953-9741

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