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Forget Me Not

Recently I received an invitation to go to a party that would include actors, actresses, directors, agents and more – it was a fantastic opportunity.

Its very easy to imagine what this party would be like – ladies dressing in cocktail dresses and gowns, men in suits that are clean and crisp.  All wearing the most up-to-date styles, hoping to rub shoulders, make an impression, and get contacts.

Now, I know that I could stop the party.  I would get instant attention.  Guests would stop talking, look, and remember me for a long time.  The thing is, it wouldn’t be because I’m stunningly beautiful, nor would it be because of my figure or any other talent except the fact that I’m a visual artist.

I usually wear a beret or a vintage hat; my outfit is either artistic or vintage – either way it’s unique; my shoes unusual or sparkly.  I stand out from the rest.

You too can make heads turn and leave a lasting impression. Find your colors, wear styles that compliment your figure, color your hair or highlight it, wear a hat.

Don’t dress with the current fads as everyone else will be doing the same.  Wear the certain style that is striking on you.  Use the colors that will look best. Sometimes it’s vintage styles that look fantastic on one person while on another, it’s blue jeans with a western shirt and silver buckled belt studded with turquoise and yet another looks good in plain understated black dress with a fancy hair-do and incredible make-up.

Take yourself out to the mall, vintage clothing shops, second hand shops and boutiques. Have fun trying on different styles, cuts and colors, find out what it is that will make you stand out from the crowd.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a shoestring budget.  Find out what looks good first and then shop around to find the best deals: online, local stores, swap meets, farmers markets, garage sales, etc. You will be amazed at the deals that you find.

The point is, find your style and create your wardrobe so that you are very memorable.

Then you can be the person that writes the first three paragraphs of this article.

To Your Success!

aka Leigh-Ann Edrich
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