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Folk Artist Successful Actions

My name is Violette, I’m a folkartist living in B.C. Canada. Some of my successful actions are listed below:

1). I was part of an art online community for a few years and developed a bit of a following since I connected so well with the wonderful souls there!

2). I managed to get quite a bit of press….local and national by sending out press releases, getting to know the editor of my local paper. It was a cumulative thing, I started out small and worked my way up. First connecting with the editor who did a few stories on me who then encouraged me to approach the larger papers with my story. Of course i always included clippings on past newspaper articles. That gives you credence.

3) . I approached TV shows with pictures of my home which was decorated very funky…..Weird Homes TV, Head over Wheels ( a show about women and art cars) and HGTV Sue Warden’s Creative Decor had me speak about the creative spirit. Doing these shows has given me more credence as an artist. Also it looks good on a resume. TV shows are always looking for colourful characters and since they need interesting people for their shows..especially ones whose mission is to inspire you can become a shoe-in if your mission is not only to sell art.

4). I carry a hand-painted purse with me which serves as my calling card. I am forever giving away cards when people comment how much they love my purse.

5). My funky painted van sports my website on the back so that too brings more attention to my art and gives me more attention. People are always approaching me when they see my van which inspires them.

6). I e-mail other artists whose work i admire, sometimes we strike up a connection and help each other artistically with ways of selling more art.

7). I belong to a creative site for artists and writers…its a way to get known, connect with other like-minded souls. They have a Shoppe as well where artists can post their wares. Also I contribute to their magazine and e-zine.

There are many more but right now they are eluding me!

Hope this helps.!

Creatively yours,

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