Guest Post, Successful Actions

Fine Artist Successful Actions

Here are my successful actions for selling paintings:

1. I was always dressed colorful – people asked me about it and I told them I paint like this. They asked what I paint and I showed them the photos. I got the address and sent them the photos they liked and invited them to come to my studio. I showed them some paintings ( not too many) put lots of ARC (affinity, reality and communication) in the communication cycle and admiration!!

2. Everybody who ever showed some interest comes on my mailing list and gets regularly invitations or information.

3. People who bought a painting get several times a year a newsletter with photos of the newest paintings with a price.

4. For Christmas I have a special offer for 4 weeks.

5. In case you paint portraits, admiration will open the door.

6. Have always photos of your work with you!

Work out what you can use!

Also start a book where you can write down several times a day your Postulates (a positive statement regarding how you want things to occur).

Much success!
E. G. M.


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