Do You Keep an Idea Book?

Although I wish I could say all my ideas are in one book, they’re not. But, I do have my ideas written down sometimes typed up and kept in a folder on my computer. Sometimes written on my daily to-do list. Sometimes on scraps of paper safely tucked away in an “Ideas” folder. And, sometimes in the pages of real, hand held Idea Books.

If you refer back to your idea book – in whatever form – you might be surprised at what you wrote!  Sometimes your own ideas become the muse for a current project you’re working on.  Sometimes your ideas can uplift you.  And, sometimes your ideas can be done at this time!

Today I was going through my computer folders to find information and spent a bit of time reading my ideas in my “Idea” folder.  I have plenty of good ideas and projects that I jotted down!  I find that it’s quite inspiring to do this once in a while.  I become my own muse.

Find yourself a notebook that you like or create yourself a folder on your device and start jotting down your brilliant ideas. Then go back to it once in a while to read your ideas, you’ll see what I mean.

To Your Success,

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