Do You Keep an Idea Book?

Although I wish I could say all my ideas are in one book, they’re not. But, I do have my ideas written down sometimes typed up and kept in a folder on my computer. Sometimes written on my daily to-do list. Sometimes on scraps of paper safely tucked away in an “Ideas” folder. And, sometimes in Idea Books.
I have several idea books!

Today I was going through my computer folders to find information and spent a bit of time reading my ideas in the “Idea” folder. I find that it’s quite inspiring to do this once in a while. I have plenty of good ideas and projects that I jotted down! I become my own muse.

Find yourself a notebook that you like or create yourself a folder on your device and start jotting down your brilliant ideas. Then go back to it once in a while, you’ll see what I mean.

To Your Success,

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