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Do These Names Ring A Bell…?

Do these names ring a bell:
Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michalangelo, Matisse, Rembrant and Monet. Then there’s Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and some newer ones such as the Beetles, Evis Presley and many more that can be rattled off.

Why isn’t YOUR name being rattled off like that? Why aren’t you a household name?


Even in the days of no computers, an artist to become known needed to find ways to get their name and works out there. It used to be that creative and talented folks would find exhibitions, gigs, theaters and any other method possible to become known.

Some artists were masters at it and some weren’t.

Now-a-days you have both the internet and real life to help you. The world is closer than ever and you have a tremendous opportunity to become one of THE well-known artists and join the above list.

Marketing for a creative person can be fun and out-of-the-box. Where others are sending a plain manila envelope, you can send a very unique one. The possibilities are endless.

A business might send along an email newsletter, while you – the creative one – can send along a vibrant, colorful, musical, brilliantly written, extremely interesting email newsletter.

While a business can offer deals and coupons, you can offer uplifting messages, inspirational art, dreams that can become reality.

There’s no limit to what you can imagine and create.

There’s also no limit on how far you can reach with your message. You not only have real life avenues to get the word out but you also have the internet. You have more tools available to you now than the Master’s of yesteryear.

You can use social media, online sites to sell, videos, podcasts, contests, your own website, a blog, and so much more!

If you need any help from brainstorming to implementing, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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