Dear Creative Person

A letter from a creative person to fellow creators…

help-2-succeed asks if its possible to succeed as an artist

Dear Creative Person,

You are the inspiration and the creator of dreams that move a culture forward.  Without your creations we would have a dull and dreary world filled with drab living cubes, working at drab jobs.  You add the colors, shapes, sounds, motions, laughter, beauty and unique visions that inspire us all.  Your creativity is appreciated.   But wouldn’t you like to share your art with more people and live your art? Wouldn’t you like to make a bigger impact towards a better culture?

In order to succeed, your name and creations need to get out there on a continuous basis, but who wants to spend time on an art business instead of creating?  Not any artist I’ve spoken to.

Bright Idea

The bright idea was a website that marketed itself, while marketing the community of artists that belong to it.  If a creative person just used the site to talk about themselves, the site would magnify their efforts.  If many artists used the site, artists would not only be helping themselves but also their fellow creatives.


Creative people in all areas of The Arts are talking about Indie Artists Club

Is it possible?

It was possible to set it up!  Once done, I asked artists to try it.  A pretty good amount of folks did so (thank you!).  Then I ran a pilot for 3 1/2 years to see if my simple little site worked. IT DID!  The many different talented artists that used the site were on the 1st Page of Google in the 1st to 6th positions!


Can an artist devote more time to creating instead of doing marketing or running an art business?

It is Really Simple

It’s really simple for an artist to do.  At least once a month you add information on the site about your current projects, inspiration, art-in-progress, your goals or ideas and then add images, videos, etc. with links to your website(s) or social media.  And, if you don’t feel you can do it on your own, I can help.



Nothing is like this

There is no other service like this on the internet.  Also, there is no other service that has been so thoroughly researched or tested.  YOU and YOUR SUCCESS are that important to me.  Indie Artists Club is a strong community of artists that help each other while helping themselves


there's no other service like Indie Artists Club to help artists market

What is in it for me?

So, what’s in it for me?  The monthly service costs $10; if I do it for you, it costs $25.  The fees take care of the expenses. So, truthfully, to answer the question of what’s in it for me:  it’s a labor of love and practically a work of art in itself.   In return we all get a very aesthetic and beautiful culture to live in.



  • A user’s only Forum for how-to’s, opportunities, collaboration, an idea board and much more!
  • A Directory Listing.
  • Automatic inclusion in the upcoming Indie Artist virtual magazine without the fees for submissions or inclusion.
  • Automatic inclusion in Indie Artist Shows without the fees for submissions or inclusion.





To ask questions or find out more, contact me now.

To YOUR Success,
aka Leigh-Ann Edrich
Multi-Talented Artist and Artist Mentor