Creative People Resources COVID-19 Relief

If you’ve been living by your art, you may be having some difficulties during this worldwide pandemic.  There are many resources that you can apply to for help you to get through this historic but difficult time period.

The resources collected here pertain to all fields of The Arts and Performing Arts.

Although the sources where the following information came from are good, Help 2 Succeed did not review every single link.  The idea was to get you this information as fast as possible to help you.  Please do you own due diligence regarding the information posted on this page.

Resources will be added whenever found.  If you have any resources, please send the information along via the contact form below.  It will get posted with credit to you.

NEW! Added 3 Feb 21

Artist Grant

Black or Minority Business Owners

Both are a combination marketing + micro grant. While there is not currently a cap on the number of monthly marketing grantees, there is currently (1) $100 micro-grant each month per program. Marketing assistance will continue indefinitely. No fees are required of applicants.

The Grants are offered by Jovan Johnson, Esq. who has experience supporting many types of businesses, ranging from custom photo products (greeting cards, photo books) to talk therapists, flower shops to movie script editing, language software to custom styling.


Added April 27th 2020

Creative Capital List of Covid-19 Resources

Woman’s Art Media Coalition

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund

Arts Gov Covid-19 Resources for Artists and Art Organizations

Billboard Artist Relief Funds for Music Professionals

More Resources

St Pete Arts Alliance

Tampa Arts

Covid 19 Freelance Artist Resources

Artist Communities – Emergency Relief Programs

Artists Thrive COVID-19

Womens Arts Emergency Funding

CoronaVirus Resource Kit

National Resource List


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