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Continuously Challenge Yourself to Learn and Do More

help 2 succeed talks about tips to help creative and talented folks to continuously get their art out thereBesides continuously getting you art out there and well known, you need to also challenge yourself to learn and do more creations.  I’m sure you heard it before, but I’ll say it again: NEVER STOP LEARNING.

As a artist you definitely need plenty of create time during your week, work out about 20 hours or more if possible.  You also need to include the time to be an Entrepreneur which includes marketing and sales.  Although the activities an artist does to get more clients and sales have changed over the last 40 years with a major shift from real to virtual, there are actions that you can easily take to stay in the game of selling your art.

studying and learning from others are good tips to help you to succeedIn this day and age of the internet, it’s not enough to put your art up on eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Fine Art America and other similar platforms. You need to also engage and connect with your audience who then turn into customers.

Sounds too complicated? It’s not. There’s a real simple solution: follow along with Help 2 Succeed.  Videos, books and other methods are consistently searched for in order to get the best, latest and easiest workable marketing actions that you can learn and implement.  Then what was found is tried out and if it works, then it’s on this site.  That includes our radio show; we find successful artists that share their secrets to success.

Two recent finds are videos.

The first one is titled “How to Turn you ART into a Business,” where Jazza interviews GaryVee.  GaryVee talks about being and entrepreneur, investing in your art business with promotion, marketing, sales and utilizing new platforms.  That you need to apply yourself with attention and some hard work to make it happen.

A real good tip he had was to focus on the art, not on the persona.  It’s the art that communicates and delivers the emotional impact.  A bonus was that he mentioned current places to find buyers: twitter search, instagram hashtag search and connecting with people.

Here’s the interview:

The second interview is around 40 minutes but truly worth the time invested to watch it because Paul Klein speaks on How to Succeed as an Artist.  Paul Klein has been helping visual artists to succeed for over 40 years.  His tips can be applied by folks in other forms of The Arts and Performing Arts.

Here’s some great tips:

Ask others what they did and if it worked.  Instead of you going out to try different activities and solutions, asking other will save you a huge amount of time.  While you’re at it, you may make some very good connections.

The “Art World” isn’t a world at all.  It’s made up of different villages.  Have you ever lived in a really big city like Los Angeles or New York City?  If you take a close look, it’s not a big city, it’s villages that specialize in certain things such as vintage and antiques village or deli section or other specialized areas.  It’s the same in the Art World.  Don’t try to break into the whole world, go for the villages.

An artist entrepreneur is different from a business person.  A business person puts on a suit and tie, works 9 to 5, goes home and changes into sweat pants and a t-shirt.  An artist is an artist all the time.  Dress like an artist, wear a beret, be creative with your presentation, design artistic business cards, go out into the world showing who you are.  Do this always.

Another tip regards positive and negative remarks.  When you receive positive remarks, don’t brush it off, work to believe it.  When you receive negative remarks, don’t listen.

Paul Klein Key Tips:
1. Be Distinctive – reveal who you are, be honest, be unique and do your own artwork, don’t copy someone else.  Find what makes you distinctive and expand on it.

2. Get Engaged
You can’t sit in the studio.  You have to go out into the world and get engaged.
Hussle, get attention and also associate with people better than yourself.
Always have a role model – doesn’t have to be someone on the same path, just needs to be a person that can let you know what worked and what didn’t.
Create opportunities for your art to get seen.

3. Make Good Art
Be distinctive.  Artwork that creates an emotional impact rather than appealing to the intellect is what sells. It’s a question of numbers, you need to consistently get your art out there. (As an aside, you can try two Help 2 Succeed services: Indie Artists Club and Tiny Checklists on the Boost2Success page to easily help with marketing.)

4.  You need a Vision and a Strategy.  Work out the long term vision that you want to have happen with your art.  The  strategy includes the choices of how to do art, sell it, get the name out there, etc.

5. Attitude is very important.  People want to associate with people that are upbeat and positive. My trajectory is rising you should know me.


Here’s the video:

To YOUR Success,

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