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Chill E. B. Interview: Using the Power of His Voice to Ignite Change in the World

Chill E.B.’s mission: making the world a better place through the art of rap. Using the power of his voice to ignite change in this world.

Tune in to the Help 2 Succeed Radio Show for an interview with Chill E.B. – making this world a better place. Rap Pioneer, Activist, Public Speaker, Actor, Humanitarian, Producer, Performer, Entrepreneur. Learn how to excel and get tips to succeed. >> Interview

MESSAGE FROM CHILL E.B.: “My idea is to make the world a better place. This idea is not unique unto itself. It is all-inclusive, non-offensive, and something that we all agree is befitting. It has been my observation that much of society is lacking compassion and love though. Many people live in fear. Manufactured fear. Fear perpetuated by political rhetoric and propaganda. It is my deep belief that should we all should strive to make the world a better place everyone would win and no one would lose. The greatness that we aspire will only be a reality if we make the world a better place together. Otherwise, we will all perish together.”

Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Chill E.B. spent the majority of his childhood in Germany. Just following high school, he enlisted and served in the U.S. Army. At an intimidating 6 foot 5 inches tall, the United States Veteran later received a basketball scholarship to Lon Morris Junior College and East Texas State University, which he accepted.

Chill EBWhile attending the university, he played the role of Nat Turner in a theatrical play called, Judgement of the Troublemakers. Screen legend James Earl Jones who was in attendance, was moved by Chill E.B.’s performance and encouraged him to “pursue the arts.” After a few semesters, Chill E.B. took his advice and relocated to California. Soon after he released his first single “Freedom” on an independent label. He received national attention in 1992 with his video “Menace To Society” which was on heavy rotation across American television screens (BET, Video Jukebox and California Music Channel). Chill E.B. was inspired to write his defiant song “Menace to Society” when he heard a tragic story about a 13 year old boy who dealt drugs to help feed his mother and sister.

In 1993, punk rock legend Jello Biafra heard Chill E.B. at a gig, and months later released Chill E.B.’s 1st EP entitled “Born Suspicious” on Alternative Tentacles Records. Songs from his EP were placed in motion picture films and T.V. shows including: NBC movie of the week—Father & Son (Dangerous Relations), Nash Bridges and CBS movie of the week—Harts of the West.

The pro-survival rap artist is also an accomplished voiceover talent, jingle writer and screen actor. He recorded the theme song for the Golden State Warriors “Don’t Stop The Noise,” appeared in the Warner Brothers movie Mad City, starred in national commercials for Sega Genesis, PSA’s for the San Francisco Giants & the Contra Costa County Library System, Double Rainbow Ice Cream, Partnership For Drug Free America, Department Of Energy, Nike, Nickelodeon, National Basketball Association (NBA) and most recently recorded The Oakland Raiders theme song (for the 2015-2016 season), among more.

In 1994, Chill E.B. walked away from the music business, returning later with a fury. In 2008, he created his own record label Kathartic Music Group. In 2010, he dropped on the world his controversial single “Y’all Busted.” His next single “Define Better” grabbed the attention of two kindhearted, A-List stars John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who showed their support by putting Chill E.B.’s video on their websites.

On a massive international world tour since 2010, Chill E.B. has injected his music into the hearts and minds of countless crowds in over 25 countries, and growing. Due to his staunch activism to help others, he has received a growing list of commendations and humanitarian awards, including:

  • Proclamation from the Mayor of Jacksonville, NC proclaiming August 14 as Chill E.B. Day
  • California Peace Award, presented by The California Wellness Foundation, for his violence prevention work with at risk youth
  • Finalist for Humanitarian of The Year Award, presented by Contra Costa County
  • CCHR Human Rights Award, for his “outstanding contribution through music to raising awareness about a child’s right to be label and drug free”

Chill E.B.’s mission—making the world a better place through the art of rap. Using the power of his voice to ignite change in this world, Chill E.B. is the leader of a new musical revolution.

Chill EB peace to the human raceThere’s only one race.
Peace to the human race.
– Chill E.B.

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