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Art That Sends A Clear Message: Don’t Let Go Of Lifetime Dream

Brom Wikstrom, one of the newest members appointed this month to the Washington State Arts Commission, knew all his life he’d be an artist. He spent hours as a kid watching his father, a local art director, paint his stylized watercolors, animals and nudes, their limbs every which way. He used to copy them in… Read More Art That Sends A Clear Message: Don’t Let Go Of Lifetime Dream

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Art Organizations

It seems every city and every little town has an arts organization or association or more than one. Some have groups for specific types of art, such as a watercolor group or a pastel society. Any artist can benefit from being in a group and associating with other artists. Talking with other artists, creating and… Read More Art Organizations

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A Studio for You

Artists of all kinds need space in which to create. Whether you are a painter or potter or musician or writer or dancer, all these activities require space in the physical universe. As an artist matures, the space in which he/she works seems to evolve with his/her art. Wait a minute. What am I saying?… Read More A Studio for You

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Forget Me Not

Recently I received an invitation to go to a party that would include actors, actresses, directors, agents and more – it was a fantastic opportunity. Its very easy to imagine what this party would be like – ladies dressing in cocktail dresses and gowns, men in suits that are clean and crisp.  All wearing the… Read More Forget Me Not