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Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF

Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF ** You will need to know what the abbreviation WESTAF means** It stands for: Western States Arts Federation, a Colorado non-profit corporation (“WESTAF”). WESTAF uses the CaFÉ™ Software. I know many artists that create sculptures and thought the contest for “Your Physical Art in Sculpture Park Augmented Reality Exhibition (done… Read More Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF

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Can You Trust This?

Can You Trust This?   Two definitions you need to know are: Non-exclusive =  Not exclusive, General.  Non means No; not.  Exclusive means not divided or shared with others.  Thus non-exclusive means it is divided or shared with others. Irrevocable =  Incapable of being recalled or revoked; unchangeable; irreversible; unalterable.   Today I received a… Read More Can You Trust This?