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PURPOSE What is the purpose of your art? Why do you keep painting, sculpting, writing, playing music? The major purpose of my art is to make other people happy, inspired, uplifted, make them smile or at least make them think. I decided on that purpose some time ago, and it makes me smile to think… Read More PURPOSE

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Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF

Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF ** You will need to know what the abbreviation WESTAF means** It stands for: Western States Arts Federation, a Colorado non-profit corporation (“WESTAF”). WESTAF uses the CaFÉ™ Software. I know many artists that create sculptures and thought the contest for “Your Physical Art in Sculpture Park Augmented Reality Exhibition (done… Read More Thumbs Down Review on WESTAF


A Little Reminder…

A Little Reminder… Although the circumstances in life may appear to not be going the way that you want, you still need to act as if it really is going right. You have to be brave enough to walk the path and know that on the other side you will arrive at your dreams. It… Read More A Little Reminder…

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Reasons to Write and Distribute Press Releases!

Reasons to Write and Distribute Press Releases! There are numerous methods of promoting any business online, while some are more effective than others many if used correctly can prove to yield successful results. Taking advantage of as many of these as possible is sure to bring success to any business. However amongst these methods is… Read More Reasons to Write and Distribute Press Releases!