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Award Winning Marketer and CEO MATT D’RION – Marketing as an Artist – Artistic Entrepreneur Interview

Award Winning Marketer and CEO MATT D’RION – Marketing as an Artist

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Matt D’Rion is the award winning founder and CEO of Worry Free Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on helping business owners succeed in their online marketing by empowering them with strategies and tools typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies. He has been a key speaker at various professional and marketing associations, his company has won numerous awards for its customer service, value and track record of growth.

He explains the importance of and how to get a mentor and how to come up with bright ideas on how to expand your business.

“My biggest passion in life is helping people. I do this through combining my marketing, technology and fundraising skills learned through years of experience and application. My company, Worry Free Consulting, helps doctors, contractors, training professionals, non-profits, and many others, even including an internet company that helps keep the kitchen neat!

“When I’m not working I can be found spending time with my amazing family or taking courses to ever-expand my knowledge and abilities.” Matt D’Rion

Born into a family of business owners, Matt grew up with the goal to become an entrepreneur and help others succeed. After years working in sales and marketing, gaining invaluable experience and observing what problems businesses owners invariably faced, he set out to form a company that would address those problems head on – and solve them. From this came Worry Free Marketing.

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